CSU Sacramento or CSU Long Beach


  1. Which CSU would you choose?

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      CSU Long Beach
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      CSU Stanislaus
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      CSU Chico
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      SF State
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      Sacramento State


I have applied to several schools for the Spring 2018 semester into Traditional BSN programs. Among those, I have been admitted to CSU Stanislaus and CSU Long Beach. I am waiting to hear back from San Francisco State, Sacramento State, and Chico State. I received an email from Sacramento State with an estimated point cutoff for admission, and it appears that I have a very good chance of getting into the program. As of now, my top two choices would be either CSU Long Beach, or Sacramento State.

I like that Sacramento State is a shorter program, and I would also be closer to my immediate family who lives in the bay area. I also feel strongly about attending Long Beach because I have heard many good things about their nursing program. I do have extended family in Southern CA, so I would still have a solid support system relatively close to me. There are many factors I am considering in my decision, including job prospects after graduation. It seems that cost of living may be cheaper in Sacramento.

Is there anyone out there who attends either program or who faces a similar decision who would like to offer their two cents on which school may be the better option?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

For me, it would come down to where I want to live after graduation. You will be making contacts during school who may help you find a job. So Nor Cal or So Cal?


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If I were in your shoes I would choose CSU Sacramento because you'll likely be able to build your network there and find a better paying job compared to if you were to move to SoCal. But I told CSULB students have opportunities to contract with Long Beach Memorial Hospital before even graduating so that's a plus for CSULB.