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Hey Everyone! 

I wanted to start this thread because I haven't seen one yet. I'm probably making this superrrrrr early LOL since the Fall 2023 apps just opened for CSUs but I just wanted to see how everyone is doing during this application process and also to share our stats! 

Mine being:

PreReq: 4.0

Science: 4.0

TEAS: 86%

Healthcare Exp as a Pharm Tech

Attended Local CC

So far I have completed the CSU apply app, just need to work on NursingCas and my personal statement questions. But anyways, good luck to everyone! 

Hey thanks for starting this thread, I did not even know these existed and just randomly stumbled upon them. But anyway nice stats wish I could say the same but I will share mine. 

Pre-req 3.6

science 3.7

TEAS 87.3 with a 90 in the science section

healthcare exp: Newborn hearing screener @LPCH

second Language: LTI Spanish certificate

Attended local CC

also working on my nursing cas app, specifically the personal statement. Good luck to everyone and I hope to be in a cohort with you guys! 

Hi thanks for starting this thread. I have 

pre req: 4.0

Science GPA: 4.0

TEAS : 94.7

Health Care exp: 500hrs as CNA

Lives in Alameda County (Local)

Good Luck to us ??

Hello everyone! Its nice to meet ppl applying to the same schools as me! I've been wanting to meet people who I can talk about this upcoming application process. Since everyone is sharing theirs, I might as well share mine. Also, thank u so much for making this forum!

pre req: 3.8

science GPA: 4.0 

TEAS: 92.7

healthcare experience: 650-700 hours working as an admin, 70-80 hours of volunteering 



Im also working on my nursingCAS personal statements. goodluck to everyone, and I wish to hear back from u guys this upcoming application process!

Specializes in GI Tract.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for creating the forum @prenursestudent! I was accepted for the Spring 2023 semester but had to decline the offer due to a change in my personal situation. I hope to be accepted again for the fall semester. Here are my stats:

Pre-req GPA: 3.9

Science GPA: 4.0 

TEAS: 94% (Science section: 98%)

Healthcare experience (CNA): 900+ hours


Local community college

Good luck to everyone!

Wow all of you guys have AMAZING stats! It's looking like it's going to be REALLY competitive this time around. Just turned in my NursingCas app. Hopefully we could all get in LOL

Hi, they will start sending out emails around March right? Goodluck to all of us!

strawberrypeanut25 said:

Hi, they will start sending out emails around March right? Goodluck to all of us!

So I just saw on their website that we should hear something around April. Ugh that's so longggg from now.

I'm so nervous! Good luck to everybody!



Overall GPA: 3.7

Prereq GPA: 3.6

TEAS score: 85.3

600+ underserved community service hours

120+ hospital volunteering

Second language: Tagalog

 Local cc

Has anyone heard back yet?

I've gotten this "Register for Welcome Day" email this morning but nothing about getting into their program. 

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