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CSU Chico BSN Program Spring 2016

by Knucks Knucks (New) New

Hi everyone! I am applying to Chico State's nursing program for Spring 2016. I believe to have 93 points.

Anybody else applying to CSU Chico for Spring 2016?

Does anyone mind sharing how many points you have towards the program?

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i'm so excited someone else posted about it on here! I'm applying and I believe i have 92 points.

the anxiety is killing me!!


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Hello! I applied and by my calculations I have 91 points. Fingers crossed! The cut off last semester was 89 points but went down as far as 87 points when they went into the waiting list. I think we're good! I'm still waiting for my application to Chico State to be accepted. It is still in 'pending' status.

what are you guys doing for housing? i know we don't find out for another month, but after that we'll only have one more month until classes start!

i just turned in my housing app for on campus living, but i don't even know what i want… it'll be my first time moving out

I will not be living on campus, I'm looking for apartments couple miles from campus. It's really hard because we do only have about a month after we find out. I live about 6 1/2 hours away from Chico, so it will be very difficult. This waiting is killing me!!

I'm coming from pretty far too, LA area

i wish they just told us so we could start planning!

I also applied to the program. I believe I have 92 points, hope that is enough to get in. Good luck to all!

Question- are you guys applying to other csu nursing schools for fall 2016?

Hi, I have between 92-95 points, but that relies on getting local residency and credit for previous work. I live up here, so that is convenient, but I have already had to put down a deposit on child care for next semester without knowing if we'll need it :( This is the only school I've applied (besides Butte, which I did not get into) because my family lives up here. I hope we all get in! From looking at previous threads, it looks like we won't hear from the school until mid-December. I am trying to forget about it until then.

so close yet so far to getting our decisions :blackeye:

Update! I just called and they said they've sent most of their rejection letters out. So if you haven't gotten one it's a really good sign ;)

Thanks for the update!

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Update! I just called and they said they've sent most of their rejection letters out. So if you haven't gotten one it's a really good sign ;)

Did they mention if they would still be sending out acceptance letters on the 15th? Seems like the last few semesters they have had to extend their deadline. Ugh the anticipation is killing me!

Hi everyone! Good luck on your applications! I know the anticipation must be dreadful, but it'll be here sooner than you know it. I am currently a 4th semester nursing student at Chico State so I hope to see some of you next semester! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

I think I have 86 or 87 points. Good grief I did not think it would be this competitive! I have not heard a decision yet.

Anything new? I know they are closed on weekends. Hopefully we will hear tomorrow. Please post when you get any info!

On Wednesday I got an email that said "We are still processing applications but expect to hear from us within the next week. We will be notifying all applicants via email" so it sounds like we should hear very soon!