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CSN Basics Fall 2007


Is anybody else feeling overwhelmed with the work we need to do for Basics and Pharm???? :uhoh3: I'm just trying to make sure that I'm not DUMB or something! :trout:

It'll get better. Just don't get behind or it will be even worse.

Be organized, that is the key. Don't read the book in Basics, it is useless and as far as pharm, just learn the big categories of meds and their action. You will do fine believe me.

Make sure you understand all different parts of the "Nursing Process!!" Lots of test questions there...also, get that Test Success book; it really does help. Good Luck! Oh, not to bum ya out or anything, but NACI is hard too!!


YEP! TMI overload.:idea: I really feel like it is not sticking to the ole brain cells. My head feels like it is fighting back. :uhoh3: UGH!!!!!!! All I know is that my arms are going to be as big as the hulks by the time the symester is over. I cann't get over how thick our notes are for next mondays test. I started doing the calculations that (the instructor) suggested we do before thursday and all I can say is I think I have to go back to grammer school. I don't remember the teachers teaching the way the book is teaching or am I just stupid.!:trout:I do have to say it has been fun. I know I seem like a very outspoken person but frankly I am quaking in my shoes every time I talk to people. Sometimes I feel like when I ask a question or make a comment about things people are thinking I am a total LOON. Maybe its just me but ...... Hope you are doing much better than I am in the confidence area than I am. And good luck on the tests next week. Maybe we could get together on friday and compare "notes" just to make sure we have everything. Let me know I have the hugest pull along briefcase in the world around school.

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