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Alright. I'm kinda jumping the gun here, but I'm already shopping for the required stuff. I found great Littmann prices at Littmann Stethoscopes including Cardiology III, Classic II SE & Electronic so buy there if you want to. I also have a question about the pants. I know it says no drawstring, but I could have sworn I heard Pat say something about the pockets. I'm not sure if she said "no pockets" or to make sore they "have pockets" on the sides. I'm going to call this morning and ask Carol what the official policy is regarding the pants. The nursing handbook just says they have to be white and it doesn't really specify. I asked a friend who went through the program a year ago, and she said some instructors can be picky. I'll post my findings here for everyone to see.

Also, if you know where to get great deals on stuff, post here also please :-)




I looked at the Dickies and should be fine. However, every teacher is different. They will let you know on the last day of ACE. As for the apron-like organizer that clips around your waist and the pocket organizer, me personally I would return it and save your money for a good laboratory and diagnostic test book for next semester. You won't need it for this semester but a must have for next semester. Trust me you will just end up chunking your stuff in your pockets. The organizer gets in the way.

Ladies I would really recommend wearing nude or skin-tone colored undergarments as opposed to white ones. You can see white undergarments through white clothing.

Thanks for the info WTX!

Do you know if we have to have a certain type of watch? Can it be digital?

Sunshine, that looks like a great backpack. Can you let me know if it has a lot of room after you get it? I think I may end up getting one too.

There was a student who insisted on using a digital watch and the lab instructor had a BIG problem with it. It was a big enough of a problem that all other instructors talked about it for weeks. Do yourself a favor and fly under the radar. Go with a watch with a face.

Thanks for the quick replies! They're very much appreciated and I'm sure you're busy getting ready for finals.

I did have a couple more questions if you have the time to answer.

1. Do we have to go to clinicals before the actual day? I have clinicals on Tuesdays, but I also have lab and pharmacology on Mondays, so I wouldn't have a lot of time to go to the clinical sites on Mondays, if that were the case. I think I would have to move my pharm class.

2. Do you recommend a clipboard?

3. What about goggles? They're on our list of medical equipment available, but are they needed?

Thanks again WTX!

I use it now and seems to have enough room! I have my chemistry book, lab book, computer, notebooks and my regular junk and there's room left for another book or two!

The first part of the semester you will be at long term care. You will not be required to go the day before. However, the last part of the semester you will be in a rehabilitation facility. You will need to get your patient info the day prior to clinical. The information gathering is not really that difficult, but the making of med cards can be daunting. The med cards you do at home. My advice is, if you have a late class the day prior to clinical then an early clinical the next day, I would consider changing the pharm class. If you have a later clinical you should have time to do the med cards that night and the first part of the next day before clinical. Remember, you may have a difficult time changing your pharm class at this point. If you cannot change then you gotta do what you gotta do. If you have to leave straight from your last class and go to the facility then go home to do the paper work till late then you have to ask yourself is it worth it. IMO it is sooo worth it. Last semester (2nd) I had to go get Pt. information for two Pt. the day prior and stay up alllllll night then go to an early clinical with zero sleep. I will be honest, I would sometimes breakdown and cry about 3:00am thinking I would not get all the paper work done but I got it done. My instructor was such a stickler on paper work. Some instructors do not require so much paper work. It just depends on who you get for second semester. Yes, it was hard but I feel that I am a better student nurse for it. I didn't feel that way at the time.

I would recommend a clip board that you can store your paper work in. In first semester I had one that had a calculator on it but it quit working shortly after I bought it. I would get a regular one that you can Velcro a small calculator to the inside lid. As for the goggles; you will not use them much. I used mine for G-tube feedings and meds. (Oh, don't forget the goggles and steth for ACE during the G-tube stuff!!) I forgot my goggles and I had to shuffle around with a friend so it looked like I had my goggles LOL!! I could have had 3% taken off. Yikes!!

Yes, I am getting ready for finals and getting careplans and paper work turned in. I wish you the best on this journey. It is a lot of work but it is sooo worth it. I can remember my first semester waiting at the elevators and seeing the forth semester students and felt like it was so far away and now I'm going into the forth semester and thinking wow how time flies. Just remember, this semester what they want from you is to learn to communicate with patients, gather information, i.e. history, assessments, identify normal from abnormal, and learn the meds. The one thing I wish someone would have told me is to go into a patient's room, sit down and get to know them. Talk to them like you are getting to know a friend. It is difficult at first. At long term care, just ask them about their kids, grandkids, family or what did you do before you retired. They love to tell someone about their life. Put yourself in their place. They were once young, had a home with a family and now they are in a strange place (not their home) and friends (many who have died) and family, only to have visits once a month or once a week if they are lucky. I had a patient that became an RN late in her life like I am doing. It was so interesting to hear her stories about nursing school back then.

I hope this helps.:)

WTX I think you're my new best friend! Are you on FB? If so can you add me please? [email protected]

Thank you so much for all the info!

Thanks WTX! You've helped tremendously. :)

I was able to move my pharm class. So now I'm free after my lab in the mornings.

I really appreciated all of the comments and helpful tips you've given us. They come in handy and are helping me calm down a bit. :D I'm trying not to stress so much, but it's not working very much.

I hope you don't mind all of the questions.

You are very welcome. I remember standing in your shoes. You can ask questions anytime.

Thanks to all the people posting such awesome information.

Here's the bag I am seriously considering. It's $140 in-store, but $99.00 with free shipping on Amazon.

Amazon.com: PATRIOT from Swiss Gear by Wenger Triple Gusset Rolling Computer Case w/ Removable Tote: Electronics

Any comments?

WOW !! How ironic. This is the same one I bought to start nursing school. I can tell you I have dragged it around a million miles and it is still going. The only drawback I found was if you carry your laptop you cannot put your Potter & Perry book and a large 3 ring binder in the back compartment. My solution, use a 1 inch 3 ring binder. Other than that I love it.

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