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Alright. I'm kinda jumping the gun here, but I'm already shopping for the required stuff. I found great Littmann prices at Littmann Stethoscopes including Cardiology III, Classic II SE & Electronic so buy there if you want to. I also have a question about the pants. I know it says no drawstring, but I could have sworn I heard Pat say something about the pockets. I'm not sure if she said "no pockets" or to make sore they "have pockets" on the sides. I'm going to call this morning and ask Carol what the official policy is regarding the pants. The nursing handbook just says they have to be white and it doesn't really specify. I asked a friend who went through the program a year ago, and she said some instructors can be picky. I'll post my findings here for everyone to see.

Also, if you know where to get great deals on stuff, post here also please :-)



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I made sure to buy a pair that were all elastic around the waist, but then found out some students had the pants that were elastic on the back and tied in the front. I think the main purpose is to make sure you look professional. As for the pockets, I highly recommend finding a pair that has pockets down the legs...you'll find these VERY useful during clinicals.

This site has some great packages for all the supplies you'll need...I wish I had found this when I started nursing school!! http://www.reddingmedical.com/merchant.cfm?id=604&step=2&parent=483

Best of luck...it's a lot of fun!!

Thanks for the info Sarah. I talked with Carol at CSN and she said pockets are fine, but without a drawstring I'm not too sure how much stuff you can put in them without the pants falling down. I heard they don't really check for the drawstring, but I'm not about to take any chances.Maybe I can use a safety pin or something to make the waist tighter so I can actually use the pockets.

Most pants I saw had the drawstring and half elastic. Do you know of any place around town that doesn't have the drawstring? Or I wonder if half elastic w/ the drawstring would be OK? I'd prefer to try them on before buying them. Especially, since they're white. I want to try to find the least see-through ones I can. :D

I got them at La Isla Uniforms. They give you 10% off for being a CSN student. Carol told me that there are absolutely no drawstrings allowed, so risk it if you want to. The pants are made by Cherokee, and the style number is 4200, and unfortunately they are pretty see-through. My green boxers showed pretty well through them, so I had to go buy some white ones. Also, they are pretty thin, so maybe some thermal pants underneath would be a good idea. They have all kinds of white scrubs there though. Visit and see if you can find anything a bit less see-through, but with elastic only.

Specializes in Pediatrics (hopefully).

I bought my online, but after trying on the same brand at a local store. Melissa, I got Dickies 'hip flip' style pants and they had the side pockets...worked great.

Thanks guys! I'll look into those. I'd really like to get my uniforms squared away before Christmas. Less stuff to worry about.

Anyone know anything about the patches? I know she said that you can sew them on, but what about velcro? I was thinking of doing that, that way you can bleach the uniforms. Perhaps I'll give her a call tomorrow and see, if I have time.

I emailed the nursing department. They said that velcro to attach patches works. So I think I'll try that out. My husband is so funny he said I should use industrial strength velcro, but then again maybe he's onto something. :p

I've read that a lot of people on here use allheart.com for nursing supplies. They seem pretty reasonable.

[SIZE="2"]Hello to all and congratulations to the CSN Spring 2011 class.

I'm currently a 3rd semester student, going into 4th at CSN and here's my advice to survive nursing school so far.

Uniforms: LaIsla seems to be the least expensive place to buy uniforms. I have two sets. It is easier when doing laundry. I sewed my patches on and have never had a problem with bleaching. It is just as easy to sew on the patch as it is to sew on Velcro. Besides, it looks better sewn. IMO As to the pants, I bought the elastic waist ones with pockets the first semester and didn't like the way they fit. Second semester I bought the tie waist and no one has checked. Girls, invest in white big girl panties and guys, tightie whities or white boxers/briefs. Shoes? Just as long as they are white and you can clean them. Diarrhea splatters. I know this as fact!! LOL

Equipment: Don't skimp on stethoscope. I have a Littmann II and it has served me well. However, get the cheap scissors, hemostats, pin light etc. Trust me you will probably lose at least one of these during nursing school. I bought mine from LaIsla. Invest in several name badges and keep them everywhere. (Car, backpack, purse etc.) Try the bookstore, Office Max, Office Depot just as long as it similar to the one issued to you. They will pop you on not having a name badge!! ALWAYS have a watch with a second hand. If you think you can get away with saying "There is a clock in the lab or in the patient's room" you will still get 3% taken off.

Classes: BE EARLY to clinical and lab!!! One second late is LATE! I am always at least 30 minutes early and I am not an early person by nature. I tell my friends that if I am not in class, look in the morgue because I must be dead. I set two alarm clocks for morning classes just in case. To me it doesn't matter how tired or sick I am I will be in class. Oh and if you are sick I would suggest to medicate well and do not look sick. I know, I know, not good for patients but just remember HAND HYIENGE. The APG doesn't care what your excuse is. VERY FEW people get an excuse for missing clinical or lab. Make friends early. You need them and they need you!!! You cannot survive without them. You will see that you will constantly ask them or they ask you, "Hey, what's due this week". Keeps your butt out of trouble. Stay organized. Get a dayplanner and use it!!! Do not forget to do you modules for lab and print the results for safekeeping!! It is easy to forget about them!!! Do not fall behind in reading. Yes, I know there is a lot of reading but it has to be done. Make note cards. We all still do. Lol Consider study groups. It really does help to hear it from someone else. Remember you can print your powerpoints in the computer lab for FREE.

Well, that is all I can think of for now. I wish everyone well for Spring 2011.[/size]

Thank you for the info WTX! It's nice to have experienced students to help us out!

I found a place online, will have to look again, but they sold womens boxers! I think I am going to grab a few pairs and see how they work under the scrubs. I am also gonna get granny panties, cover everything up*L*

Just an FYI for everyone, the ADN patches have heat-activated adhesive on the back. This means they are iron-on. Use a medium setting when applying or you will burn the material. I ironed them on, and then sewed them just in case, but the ironing helps hold it in place while you sew and helps eliminate the potential wrinkling of the fabric underneath the patch. If you DO manage to brown the material from a very hot iron (yes, I did this) then you can wash them with some Clorox 2 (use 2 caps at the second line with washer set to large load, along with detergent) and it should come out. Mine came clean.

TX thanks for the info. I ended up getting the white Dickies double-knee work pants. This should be OK right? I figured they will look more clean and pressed rather than baggy like my other scrubs kind of do.

Any recommendations or advice on a nice backpack or rolling backpack? I know we have tons of books to lug around, and I'm wondering what everyone else seems to do well with. Also, any recommendations or advice on a small bag for all of our gear? I have the pocket organizer and I also bought the apron-like organizer that clips around your waist from La Isla.

I bought this bag and it's pretty nice! I still have to buy all my supplies, just waiting on my student loan money to come in so I can buy it all at once!

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