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CSM Fall 2012


Hello! Are there any fellow College of San Mateo Fall 2012 applicants?

Hi there,

I did apply to San Mateo and got in :) Did you?

Hi Mila!You got lucky! I got waitlisted #1.. I really hope I get in!! I'll be seeing you at the orientation in May though!!

Hi Hellowelcome:)

Thank you, I do feel lucky;) You are definitely get in!

I'll see you at the orientation next month.

P.S. Do you live in bay area? I am in Mountain View, and wondering how long it will take me to get to college during the traffic...

Hi! You got into EVC also?! wow two lotteries! you got SUPER lucky!! I applied to some other programs also. I'm waiting to hear back.. Do you have a preference in what program you want to go to? Yes I live in the bay area! I'm in San Jose! San Mateo is about 40 minutes for me. Idk how long it is with traffic in the mornings =/

Yes, I've got into EVC as well, but I don't know when do I start there, they make another lottery for people who got accepted to determine which semester you start, fall 2012 or spring 2013...

I really like the San Mateo becasue it closer to San Francisco which I want to relocate after the school, and also love the Evergreen college nursing program, so it's a hard choice, but it will boiled down to which school I can start sooner...

Where else did you apply?

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I've also applied to CSU East Bay and San Bernardino, Los Medanos, and CCSF. CCSF already sent out letters. I didn't get chosen for their lottery. I won't be finding out about the other schools until later..

Hi. I also got in. I received the letter March 27, 2012. Now I'm preparing for my TEAS. Do you know the deadline for submitting the Teas result? I'll be at the Orientation Meeting on May 11. There's an instruction included in the paper for those who have't taken the CSM Reading Test to come an our earlier, so I'll come before 2:30 to take the test. Do you think I can submit the TEAS result on the day of Orientation? We are so blessed! To God be the Glory!

Hi faithkeepsme!

Congrats on getting in! Are you taking the teas through San Mateo? If so, it shows the dates and times they administer it at the school. I am also taking the Reading Test! Do you happen to know why we need to take the Reading test if we already completed English 1A?

Hello! Are there any fellow College of San Mateo Fall 2012 applicants?[/QUOTWhen is the last day to submit the Teas result? Any idea from anyone please...

The coordinator just sent email this morning saying that they must receive the Teas V results no later than May 10th. Good Luck!

i got the call! IM IN :lol2: looks like we will be future classmates!

Good Job! Congratulations!!! Although I was accepted to Evergreen and CSUEB, I am leaning towards San Mateo college. The program have a great reputation! Do you happen to know when they will be sending nursing program packages?

Thank youu! I have no idea! Did they mention a packet in your letter? I was assuming that they would explain everything at the orientation! Only 3 more weeks :)

No, they didn't mention anything in the letter. I'll see you at the orientation.