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Hey scarlette,

don't worry you're fine, normal and a great human-being!!

These tears are all the tears you were never able to shed before, whatever the reason for that was!

These tears are the tears for your broken doll, your lost favourite stickers, maybe a pet that died or even someone in the family or a friend.

These tears are the tears of anger, of fright, of feeling so small and of feeling so humble.

these are the tears you need to cry to stay healthy, body and mind!

So cry, cry and cry!

Know something, sometimes I hear a song or read a book or whatever triggers the tearstream and I start, once I start I can't stop. This happens about 2 a year and I cry my eyes out there!

For everything and everybody, sad and happy tears, but they run and run!

Afterwards I feel kind of empty, but very light and open for new experiences too!!:)

Hey don't worry, you'll be fine, don't hold back though; let them run girl!!:D


ps: sorry, didn't want to start a new thread, but klicked on the wrong one, since it took a long time writing down this message, I start a new thread ok?

(guess I am really tired!!)


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Thanks for the encouraging words....I've been thinking about it and yes, I think I'm crying for more reasons than the person dying in front of me.......My dad was killed by a drunk driver when I was 8 months old and I'm still bitter 28 yrs I think I was crying not only for the patient's death, but also releasing some pent up grief, bitterness, whatever, over being robbed of having my dad in my life......pretty corny, I know, but I realized this yesterday before I went to work, and after reading your words, I know exactly what you mean.....pretty difficult to face your demons after 28 years of hiding them. Ok, enough of me being tacky and to work I go!:rolleyes: Thanks for your response! :cool:


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My mother always said that crying is actually a cleansing. It cleans out all the cobwebs, and garbage and makes room for all the new things to come.:cool:


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Don't think it could be said better


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