I am scheduled to take the NCLEX June 16th and will hopefully be taking the CRNE some day! For those of you who have taken both exams or plan to take both exams, I am just wondering what the differences are. I hear different things from people. Some say the Nclex is easier than CRNE and some say the CRNE is easier. I have also heard that the CRNE is more subjective and focused on psychosocial content and the NCLEX is more pathophysiology. In my opinion, I am thinking the CRNE will be more difficult for me if it is subjective and I believe the test is longer than the NCLEX. I know this is a very subjective question but I'm interested in hearing opinions and experiences!

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There are many threads discussing the NCLEX and CRNE and they are different, suggest a search and read in the forums both NCLEX and Canadian

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The things you've heard about the CRNE compared to the NCLEX are all true. The CRNE is more subjective (significant emphasis on psychosocial aspects of nursing, determinants of health, health promotion and therapeutic communication), it is longer roughly 200 questions compared to as few as 75) and many people feel it is harder, largely because you can't just memorize a bunch of stuff and pass. You have to understand what makes the correct responses correct in the eyes of the Canadian Nurses Association. When I wrote 16 years ago, the exam was much more like the NCLEX than it ever has been since, and I'll tell you I'm not convinced I'd pass if I wrote this year.

As silverdragon102 suggests, there are lots of threads that discuss this subject so read through them and then develop a plan to study for them each in the most appropriate way. Don't study for them both at the same time and once you've written one, completely put it out of your mind. That's the best way to succeed.