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i came to a site about nursing in canada and it says there after a year of having the work permit status, one can apply for permanent residency and if can also move from canada to the us and then it says there one need not sit the nclex exam that true? this is the exact post..


[color=#ff6600]10. can i move from canada to usa?

[color=#022e51]ans.[color=#022e51]yes, there are so many people moving from canada to usa after getting permanent residency in canada. you can also register directly in the usa without writing nclex again.


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Strange question, what do you mean exactly?

You can move worldwide from Canada, it's not a compound or prison.

Nothing changes for the US, you will have to meet US BON requirements.

Are you looking for a shortcut???


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For a start it isn't as easy as that to move from Canada to the USA. If a Canadian permanent resident then you still have to meet requirements for the state, pass NCLEX and get a work or immigrant visa. If a Canadian citizen then it opens the door to a NAFTA (TN) visa but you still have to meet state requirements, pass NCLEX and get a employer.

Looking for short cuts isn't nice and if employers get abused by too many people using Canada as a stepping stone to the US then they may say no to foreign nurses making it harder to the ones that do want to live in Canada


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Thanks, just verifying what information is given over the internet...not all are true u know, and given the fact that most of u guys have more knowledge into this, so i posted the not looking for a short cut since im not interested in working over the US like everybody does...its purely verifying...

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