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This is my first post so a short intro is in order. I am currently residing in northern Louisiana. Three years ago, I started researching areas of the country to relocate and practice nursing. It was easy for me to decide on NM. I hate the humidity here in the South. Summers are 90+ degrees with 60-70% humidity. Also the culture here is lacking. I took a trip out to NM earlier last summer and loved it, I didn't want to go home.

I graduated from an ADN degree, passed state boards, and am now working for a large health system called Willis Knighton in the ICU/stepdown unit as a registered nurse. I want to start in the ICU after a year on stepdown, and from there I will look into CRNA. I owe this hospital two years of service, and then plan to move to NM around the first part of 2008.

I am writing to inquire about CRNA programs in NM. I'm certain that if there are any, they are in ABQ and associated with UNM. We have a program here at LSUMC in Shreveport, but if I can get into one out there-all the better.

The market is flooded with CRNA's here and probably in Dallas two. I've heard that there are more opportunities in rural areas. So how is the market in NM's cities? I'm open to almost any location in NM.




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I'm attending UNM right now and can tell you there is no CRNA program here, nor is there any intention to start one, as far as I know.

There is at least one program in Phoenix (about 6 hours away from Albuquerque). You might want to consider going there first, then coming to NM after.

Also, I don't know how well-used CRNAs are in NM. I do know University Hospital hires them sometimes, but as far as private practice, I'm not sure. In the several times my husband and I have had to had surgery at the various hospitals in town, our anesthesia has always been done by an anesthesiologist, not a CRNA.

Good luck to you! CRNA is a path I am also considering, after I get my BSN.


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Thanks Semisweet,

That was very sweet of you to reply. I have looked on a few job sites and did not turn up much for CRNAs in NM. I would like to pursue that field, but I don't want to be locked out of NM after spending that money and time for the CRNA degree. I have a dream of living in a quaint NM town, and having a primarily autonomous job at a small hospital. Perhaps I need to contact specific hospitals to know for sure.

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I work in L&D in Albuquerque at Presbyterian hospital. Our hospital uses CRNA'a in both L&D (night and weekend only) and the main OR. They are not employes of the hospital though, they are contracted through Anesthesia associates of NM. I know they also do work at other hospitals around the state. I think that may be why you can't find job postings for CRNA's.

Good luck, and maybe we will see you one day in the land of enchantment!


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Hello! I live in a small town in NM, and the local hospital uses at least one CRNA. I think it's more common in the small hospitals around the state. There are no CRNA programs in NM. The closest is Phoenix. I'm a NM transplant, and I love it!


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Hi, I am in Las Cruces & only in the last 3-5 years have they even brought in CRNA's. There seemed to be a monopoly by the MD's to keep them out. But we are seeing them. They are not employed by the hospitals & are employed by the anesthesia group of MD's.

Good luck.


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I work at UNMH and know they use CRNA's. I understand that CRNA's can use UNMH for their clinicals (residency?) but there is no CRNA program. I understand some CRNA students come to UNMH from Emory in Atlanta for clinical rotations.

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I am a CRNA who left NM to attend school. There are two schools in Fort Worth, Texas, and a lot of CRNAs work here. There are a few places in Albuquerque that use CRNAs, but much of the anesthesia market there is dominated by MDAs. The University hospital does use some CRNAs, but they also have a MDA residency program. The Women's Hospital used CRNAs when I lived there but I don't know if they still do. The VA hospital uses CRNAs but that is working for the government. Good luck on CRNA school, it is lots of work, but worth it.

I know this is an old dead thread, but I wanted to post to make sure that no one read it and got the wrong impression. There are plenty of CRNAs in NM. The NMANA was formed in 1956 with 37 members, and there are were 130 members as of 2006 (state has about 2 million residents, meaning there are about the same number of CRNAs per capita as there are in Houston TX, home of the Texas Medical Center and two CRNA training programs). In Albuquerque there is at least 1 CRNA group, AANM has 16 CRNAs (according to their website two CRNAs were part of the founding group), and UNM has several at the main hospital as well as their out pt surgi-center. NM is an opt-out state, which means CRNAs can practice independently without medical direction and bill medicare directly. This has lead to several CRNA groups forming in the smaller cities, and CRNAs make up to $300k in some rural towns.

There are no plans for CRNA programs in NM as far as I know. There is no support for such a program from the nursing education faculty (at least the most influential of them) in NM, and if you ask them about it they are very quick to let you know this.

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