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  • Has anyone heard back from university of buffalo? If so, how was the interview????Mine is on the 17th of novemeber....any tips???

I interviewed there Nov 17th also. Haven't heard anything back? How did your interview go? He said we should be hearing before christmas? Was that what you were told?

it went okay..lets see....they told me like 2 to 3 sure we will here something after did ur go...

I think I got all the questions right but he kept interrupting me and cutting me off and apologising saying I was doing great by the way but we didn't have but 25 mins. He said I had a very strong application and asked what other schools I had applied to. Also encouraged me to look into the doctorate program in the future (I think they are planning on switching from MSN to a DNP for the class of 2012). How about yours? What were your stats? CCRN? Here are mine:

GPA 3.5



CVICU experience 3 years

I don't remember getting any questions wrong so I'm hoping I'm in. Let me know yours

Student79, i have sent you a PM. It's of a totally different matter. Thanks.

Hey Rave21, have u heard anything from Buffalo?

nope not yet..have u????? hopefully we here getting nervous now..

I have not heard anything either. And neither has amiro31. I even emailed yesterday and no one has replied yet. I remember the program director clearly saying "we hope to get decisions out before christmas". So I wonder if it will be by next friday (the 17th)? Or could it be that 3 of us didn't get in? But wouldn't they send a letter either way?

I interviewed the 30th. They said it would be a couple weeks until we hear back but would definitely before the new year..

I interviewed at the beginning of Nov and am also waiting to find out!!! Does anyone know how many spots they accept each year and how many people we're interviewed?

Heard back today. I'm in!! Good luck to everyone. Post when u hear back so we can start getting acquainted.

I got an acceptance email this afternoon!

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