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A little while back, I volunteered to do a FAQ sheet on CRNA's for the bulletin board. I plan to start working on that this week, and will hopefully have a finished draft by this weekend. Sorry it has taken me a while to get around to this, but I put in a little over 120 hours in the last two weeks. Looks like things are going to slow down a little bit for the Thanksgiving week, so now's a good time to start working on the FAQ.

Here is a list of questions just off the top of my head I plan on including in the FAQ:

1. What are the prerequisites for CRNA?

2. Where are schools that have a CRNA program? (I will include a link here, since I don't want to repeat information already available.) (I will include a comment about "ranking" of schools.)

3. Can I work during school?

4. How do I finance CRNA school?

5. How much does a CRNA earn?

6. How many hours does a CRNA work on average?

7. What does a CRNA do?

This is a short list, just off the top of my head. If you all can think of more, please submit them to this thread.

Dave, I need to know how you want this forwarded to you. I plan to do it in Word format, but can forward it in a PM, an Email, or whatever you wish. Let me know.

Kevin McHugh, CRNA


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What about "What is the difference between a CRNA and an anesthesiologist?"


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More of numerous questions that often get asked...

How do I meet/shadow a CRNA?

How many schools should I apply to?

Which critical care is acceptable experience?

How many years of critical care experience should I have?

What questions are asked during the school interview?

How should I dress for the interview?

How long is CRNA school?

What is the general range of CRNA salaries?

How many CRNA's are currently working full time? Part time?

What GPA should I have for successful admission?

What are the minimum GRE scores for successful admission?

Should I buy a PDA? Which model?


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How about--

Pros and cons of signing a contract before finishing school?

Salary vs. Fee for service.

Time commitment during school?

Will I have a life?


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Questions for FAQ

ICU experience

Length of programs (average)

Links to salary sites.

Links to history of CRNA's

Intro anesthesia books.

GRE information, i.e. average scores

Financial aid information.

Military route info

Mention the mda vs. crna BS.

I would stay away from clinical issues

Typical work day

How much call

Different settings of practice

Good recommendations for getting in

Sites to do independent research on CRNA stuff

Things to consider when choosing a program

ICU whats good experience?

are a few I thought of in class today. Well on a break.

I am sorry I didn't respond sooner, as this was my idea.

I will be glad to help as much as I can over the break.



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1. How much does cost and do you have to buy it to practice. Also, WHAT does it take to qualify for this insurance?

2. Is there any difference in earnings and job opportunities for CRNA's depending upon the TYPE of CRNA degree you earn (Master's in Anesthesia verses Masters of Nursing Science).

3. What are the threats and opportunities to the profession from a regulatory perspective?

4. Which classes or elements of clinicals typically cause people the most problems?

5. Which areas of the country have the best and worst opportunities for CRNA's?

6. If you want to go on and earn a Ph'D how much extra schooling will this require?

7. What are the most common mistakes made that can kill or injure people?

8. What do you hate about your job as a CRNA?

9. How will technology impact CRNA's as a profession? Any serious threat of AI/robotics dimishing the need for CRNA's in the next twenty to fifty years?

10. Which schools admit larger class sizes and which small?

11. Internationally are there any job opportunities for CRNA's?

12. When you earn 130K+ a year or so in income what kind of taxes do you end up paying on all that dough? Are there any write offs commonly employed by CRNA's?

13. Which types of procedures do most CRNA's hate to do (epidurals?). Is working on kids and older people really tough?

14. If you're an honest person what do you tell hospitals when you are applying for an ICU job to get critical care experience?

15. What do you know NOW that you WISH you had known before you applied to CRNA school or entered the profession?

16. You mentioned working in school above. How about JUST working on the WEEKENDS only (I know of one person locally earning time and half who ONLY works day shift Sat and Sun).

17. Should you accept money during CRNA school for the future commitment of working at a specific institution?

18. If you're NOT accepted the first year you apply how can you go about developing a stronger application for the next time?


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Roland has some great ideas, but a good deal of them do not offer one pat answer. I think the initial FAQ should focus on the facts, not opinions.

I can't wait to see the first draft.

Thanks again.


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Originally posted by Roland

14. If you're an honest person what do you tell hospitals when you are applying for an ICU job to get critical care experience?

Just wondering what exactly this means....I may be reading the question wrong, and I apologize ahead of time if I did interpret it incorrectly, but it implies that other "less-honest" nurses fudge the truth to score an ICU position. Not that I hold the nursing profesion and it's members in a golden light or anything like that, but I got my job based on merit and ability established in nursing school----along with 12 other new grads in an intense CVICU who were good friends, and I would bet my last five paychecks that they did not fudge the truth.


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getting hired in a critical care job right out of school. One of the major opinions presented stated that it would not be wise to tell the person making the decision to hire you, that you had the ambition of becoming a CRNA (since this would tell them that you would be "moving on" after only a year or two). I can imagine that this question might actually be posed by the interviewer at many ICU's/hospitals. So if someone wants to be honest AND be hired what sort of answer should they give? I prefer the in your face approach on most issues, but it doesn't necessarily produce optimal results. Perhaps there is a "middle ground" approach.


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Roland asked "What are the most common mistakes made that can kill or injure people?"

One of my proffesors answers: Its not the alphas or the betas, its the lack of the little green Os


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I apologize for misunderstanding, but I think a broad answer to that question could be I plan on returning to school some day but I would like to receive extensive experience in this unit. I think most managers are realistic about nurses and how long they will stay in one unit...lives change, careers change, people move on


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So how are we going to do the answers? Should we leave it up to our resident expert expert - kevin? Should we all chime in and compile the answers? Vote on the answers. Some have clear answers and many do not. There are some good FAQs there.

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