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Hey, i'm interested in picking up a few books to get a jump start on a CRNA program. I've found some random paperback books which only present very general information about CRNA careers, duties and whatnot. Does anyone have any good text books suggestions? Some books which you've used in your program and found enlightening?

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I was told by multiple students that said dont bother. After a chapter or two you won't understand much. They told us to spend time on those things we are not gonna be able to do for the next 2.5 yrs.

appreciate your input!

hmm, studying subject matter a year ahead worked wonders in undergrad, I'm not even applying to a CRNA school within the next year, so i figured a good jump start to attenuate some concepts/materials might again be a move in the right direction... don't have many hobbies either

in the meantime i've swindled my fathers Millers Anethesiology txt, which has corroborated your statements! lol

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I have the perfect book" the Atlas" get you one, so you can enjoy life before school and travel anywhere you want. :clown:

I would not bother. First, it won't make your life easier during school. Second, if you are planning to go, then enjoy your life as is now because when you get in you won't, and it won't matter weather you read a book or not.

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