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Can any psych nurses give me a situation in a mental health setting where they used their critical thinking skills? I am trying to brainstorm times where I used my critical thinking skills in the psych setting in case I possibly get asked a question about it in an interview. It would be much appreciated ; )

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I use critical thinking pretty much every time I have to deal with an escalating patient.

Use critical thinking skills when dealing with an escalating pt like the above poster said. You want to use restraints as a last resort, but also need to maintain order and safety on the unit for all patients. If you don't restrain, the other patients could become frightened or possibly injured. That being said, you can't restrain a patient for any old reason, and you want to help that patient learn to manage their feelings without restraints being necessary.

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Always have an exit strategy.

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Critical thinking in psych is different, but I use it all the time. I guess the main time I use them is when there is a major change in a patient that is well known. A frequent flyer comes in and is totally different than normal, the person who I normally am the one he seeks out to calm down is suddenly throwing a chair at me. I love to get to the bottom of the behavior change ( Drug use for the first one, bad dream and not quite awake yet for the second)

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