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I am a new nurse, I find out today if I passed my RN board exam.... I sure hope so.... If all goes well I start working July 14th, I will be entering an 8 month critical care training program and have been hired for the ER. It is a small 10 bed ER but, I am really excited to expand upon what I have already learned. I know in the next 8 months I will learn soooo much and I am very excited.

I have been and LPN for almost a year now and have 6 months of experience working in a LTC facility primarily in skilled care and an Alzheimers unit. I just wanted to know from nurses with your kind of experience if you think this is a good option for a new graduate. Thanks:yeah:


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I just passed NCLEX this week and have been precepting in the CCU for the past 8-months (16 bed CCU that does open hearts). I love Critical Care. I've had many patients that have had disorders that I've only read about .I've pulled chest tubes ,worked with IAPB ,Swan-Ganz lines, LOTS of drips ,Cardioversions,....and so much more .I love learning ,that's probably why I changed careers later in life ....(worked in an office for 10-years ...I love nursing and don't regret the lengthy journey it took to get there .It's my time to thank my friends and family for all of their support .I just hope I can survive 12-hour night shifts


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I Passed My Boards!!!


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Thanks stoli, that makes me feel better.... I love to learn but it does make me a little nervous, but really excited at the same time...


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I Passed My Boards!!!



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:yeah:congrats on passing the boards!!! :yeah:

i have been out of school with boards passed for a year now (literally, i started working 1 year ago next week), and absolutely love it! i started straight into a cardiac icu, but in ours we also get general icu patients as well if our icu doesn't have beds open. i absolutely love it, and would not trade my experience for the world! i have learned so much, and have actually gotten used to the feeling of when i walk in for my shift thinking "i am smart, i know what i'm doing (sort of)" and walking out thinking "holy cow, i learned so much today that i don't think i knew anything when i walked in!" but it's in a good way-i'm just amazed at how much i keep learning.

my recommendation for a new grad starting in the icu is to go out of your way to expose yourself to new experiences. i made it very clear quickly on my unit that i wanted to learn things, and because of that people now tend to find me when something interesting is going on that i can learn from. so go into peoples rooms; ask questions; pick minds-i've found that even the more crabby nurses respect that.

but good luck starting the new job-i hope you love critical care as much as i have!! :D

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