Too old for ICU? - page 3

1 year telemetry/med surg experience (still there) and am 53. I've been reasonably successful at my job and am ready to move on. I have an interview for ICU at another hospital. Am I too old for them... Read More

  1. by   jahra
    So sorry. If you interviewed well, are their other hospitals in your
    area that may have an ICU position open. Seems to me the hiring
    process can be tricky. Even if you had the background, they call
    and say, we really love you --you are a perfect fit for the job,
    but.....................with all your experience we could not give you
    the salary we feel you should have. Happened to me years ago in
    another specialty (outpatient not hospital).

    Keep going, there must be a good match out there for you.
    Good luck!