CCRN Review

  1. I am scheduled to take the CCRN exam the 29th of March. Using Pass CCRN! and AACN review book. If anyone has used these books can u tell me if these books are any good to use for the exam? If anyone has taken exam recently can u tell me how the exam was? Very nervous!
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  3. by   ckh23
    I found the Pass CCRN CD to be extremely helpful.
  4. by   AwesomeManRN
    Check out CCRN review podcast on iTunes. Very good review seminar
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from AwesomeManRN
    Check out CCRN review podcast on iTunes. Very good review seminar
    I'm studying for the PCCN, but I checked out the CCRN podcasts and they are very informative. and free!
  6. by   ellenrn2000
    Years ago, I took Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's 2-day live CCRN review.
    She was absolutely AWESOME!
    I'm not sure if she still teach the course, she is fun, dynamic, and knows how to explain difficult concepts into a fun, memorable ways.

    Good luck to you,
  7. by   TopSICU Nurse
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions. I used both and as well as AACN core review book. All put together helped a ton. I am proud to say that I passed the CCRN exam today!!!!!! What a feeling!!!!! Thanks again everybody!!!
  8. by   travelrn2733
    I used the PASS CCRN and Laura Gasparis CD's they really helped, but what helped the most was the PASS CCRN questions that came on the disc. A week before the test I paid to take the sample test from AMP, the people that provide the testing. I actually got three questions verbatim from that test, and about seven from the pass CCRN. The test is not as hard as everyone thinks; have the battle is reading the question. Good luck to anyone interested in taking it!
  9. by   Spoiled1
    Anybody here selling Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's 2 day review DVD for a good price?
  10. by   CESAROSCAR
    yes, I think "pass ccrn" would be the best shot. the ccrn review podcast on itunes is great also.
  11. by   Ryan RN
    I work in the ER and in am CEN certified. I have never worked a shift in the ICU, but i am also CCRN certified. I found the "pass ccrn" book useful.If you know your patho, then you should be fine, as the ccrn is basically a detailed pathophysiology test.
  12. by   WHATTODORN
    I have a set both book and DVD's if you are still interested. My email is
  13. by   stranded
    I'm studying for CCRN, currently using PASS CCRN and Laura G CDs. BUT does anyone have any suggestions for studying hemodynamics? The site is no longer available. Also, any good podcasts out there? I have a LONG commute and like podcasts for extra learnin'.

    Many thanks for any suggestions!!
  14. by   blazenhsss
    Mine is scheduled for March 5th!!
    I havn't touched a text book in 12 years.....soooooooo worried!!
    I've got the Pass CCRN book and dvd. Really really struggling through reading this thing. I intended to read the cardiovascular and pulmonary sections before tackling practice questions.'s incredibly detailed and I'm having a ton of difficulty making myself do this!
    SO....I got on Amazon and ordered some audio assistance with The Adult CCRN Exam Secrets.
    Maybe plowing through that will be considerably less painful than the Pass CCRN book.

    Good luck to every one else looking forward to the exam!