Critical Care Nurse face of first American to be vaccinated.

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Sandra Lindsay, as an intensive care unit director at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, 52, oversees five units of critical-care nurses who have been caring for covid-19 patients since the worst weeks in New York also lost an aunt and an uncle to covid-19.


But what made Lindsay an especially poignant choice, her brother said, was that she had dreamed her whole life — since a 6-year-old in their home country of Jamaica — of finding a way to help others.

“This is the whole reason she became a nurse, especially growing up in a third-world country like we did. She’s so passionate about people’s health,” said her brother, Garfield Lindsay. “To be able to be an example like this for getting the vaccine, it’s so meaningful.”

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Wiping tears, this woman leads by example. 

I see your amazing Sandra Lindsay and raise you....the employees of Boston Medical Center dancing to Lizzo.

If you weren't in the middle of it, I don't think it's possible to comprehend the moral distress and sheer exhaustion that the pandemic wrought on the East Coast. And in Seattle. And now in Dallas and the Midwest. 

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Here's a local nurse (my area) getting the vaccine... see what she says...


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