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criminal background

Hey guys! I was just accepted into the LVN program in TX for the fall. I go tomorrow for my fingerprint/background check. Then they tell me whether or not I need to fill out a declatory order. I know I have a charge from 8 years ago. It's a possession of marj. Misdemeanor C. It wasn't mine it was a friends but I knew about it. It was also a deferred adjudication. I was wondering if anyone else has a similar situation? Is this going to keep me from being in the program or just from getting my license?

Not sure about Texas but in New York and I have personally spoken to the board in Albany. You can be a convicted murder and still get a nursing license. So will take you. But the nursing board as far as they go just because you have a license does not mean you get a JOB


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I was allowed in Massachusetts to sit for the NCLEX and was given a license with no restrictions with two marijuana possession charges (one in 2009 the other in 2010). I started seeing a therapist and had a recommendation letter from her along with the other require documents for initial applicants with misdemeanors. from what I understand they are looking for proof that you accept you made a mistake, and then took steps to fix it. it is possible and I wish the best for you

Well said cate.... Frankly I don't care if you had a felony because everyone deserves a second chance period. People can and do change and grow from mistakes


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