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Creighton Accelerated January 2015

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I am attending the Creighton ABSN in January 2015. I know i've still got some time but I haven't received any information from the school yet about the program, start dates, housing options or anything. Since I am relocating I feel like there is a lot to do but I have no resources to figure things out. Has anyone heard anything or those who started this August, when did they send you more information?

Hi CCgrad14,

I had a few questions about the Creighton Accelerated nursing program. I applied back in July but my application wasn't submitted for review until 8/04/2014. Approximately how long from your submitted date did you take to receive a decision? Any info you have would be very helpful.


So I just checked and I submitted my application in October of 2013 but they had to wait for my transcripts from that fall semester and didn't look at them till after Christmas break was over. I had waited a while and finally emailed them the first week of February to ask about the status of my application, she wrote me back letting me know that I had been accepted. I didn't get the actual letter for a few more weeks after that. They said that their admissions committee meets twice a month to look at applications. Hope that helps! I recommend just emailing them

Hey CCgrad,

Thank you so much for responding. I called last week and got transferred to someone new, whom I had to leave a message for. That person never got back to me. CH has left because I think she retired in August so there's someone new handling all the paperwork. I will try to call back this week again and find out. I haven't gotten any type of correspondence from them so I'll try again. Thanks for the advice.


So I just called and found out that I was accepted for January. I'm waiting for the letter. Have you found any good lead on housing and stuff. Also do you think I'll need a car? I'm from NYC and we don't drive here so I don't know what it's going to be like in Omaha.

Congratulations! That's so exciting. I haven't started looking at housing yet because i heard that they send out a list of people who are attending so that we can coordinate with each other on that kind of stuff. I haven't heard anything from the school yet though. About the car thing, you probably will want one because of different places we'll have clinicals, but I really don't know much about Omaha so they might have a good public transportation system. I'm also trying to figure out if i need to make a trip over there before the program starts to look at housing and stuff. I wish they would give us more information!

You will need a car. And Creighton is in a bad neighborhood so be aware of that. I know since someone said they are from NY they might not feel like they would be intimidated but im from Los Angeles and its not pretty around Creighton but there are a lot of great neighborhoods I believe to the east and if you can live Council Bluffs,IA its even better as far as safety I believe and might be cheaper rent. BTW if you dont mind sharing what are your stats for your app. I am tossing around applying for the ABSN


I'm from omaha and I'm also in Creighton's ABSN program. Do not feel like you're in danger because someone says it is in a "bad" part of town, it is located closer to the North side of Omaha, but things can happen anywhere. You will need a car or at least find someone in your class that you can carpool with, if you find someone to carpool with, they will ask you to let them know so that you guys will be in the same clinical rotation group. Some of the students live midtown, some downtown (near creighton), some out west and some south, so it just depends on where you are comfortable at, they send out emails with houses for rent if there are some available from previous grads. Good luck with everything!

Hey Keiya,

Thanks for the response. I'll look into keeping my car then. I found an apt that's 5mins walking from the school so I'll look some more into that.

For those who have done the accelerated nursing program or been accepted, could you tell me what your undergrad and or science GPA was?