Creepy Patient

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This screams "discharge" to me. You should have reported it the first time.

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The picture taking would creep me out too.

I agree that you have to have consequences for broken rules, you were likely too lenient with the smoking issue.

These are things that we learn along the way by trial and error and from the wise guidance of our more experience peers.

Good luck!

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Esme12 - exactly what I tell my kids! :)


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Threatening to tell management should not of deterred you from anything

I recently had a pt that was not happy with his care ie security telling him that he could not throw things at the nursing staff of yell racial and sexist slurs. so he called the hospital from his mobile phone to talk to the hospital manger................the person that he had just called a "bleeping bleeper".

So he started to yell death threats at me and my staff. I called said hospital manger and informed him that I was calling he police his consultant and getting him discharged. Hospital manger came up in time to hear the death threats and was furious with what we were putting up with. Completely agreed with me.

The police came to the ward and arrested him and removed him from the ward. the ward has a intervention order against him returning to our ward.

He was also taking photos of the nurses without consent so security confiscated his phone and iPad to delete them and we added another charge to his arrest.

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