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I was written up at work as a nurse (RN) and disclosed that on a job application since it was asked. It's a long story, but I felt I was doing what was needed to protect my patient. I quit that job (was not fired or ever fired) and was not reported to the board of nursing or anything. I'm now 'almost' a nurse practitioner and have been "hired" contingent on boards and credentialing... already through background check, references, etc... HR at job where I was "written up" told me they would not disclose anything other than time worked there, etc... Does anyone know if insurance providers care when they are doing the credentialing process about having been "written up" at a past job or do they only care about licensing? It will be a few months before I know and it's causing me anxiety worrying about it. Thank you all in advance.

Did the application ask if you were written up, or did it only ask about termination? Also, I'm not understanding the part about being an RN. Is the question that you were written up as an RN but now that you're applying to be an NP will the RN write up affect you getting employment as an NP? I think I understand the premise of the question but I'm not sure.

Thank you. Yes the application specifically asked about being written up so I disclosed it.

I have been offered and accepted that job, but if credentialing is an issue, I won't be able to bill insurance and therefore would not get the job.

And yes, it seems you understand. I was "written up" when I was an RN. And yes, will that affect the ability to become credentialed by insurance companies?

IMO, I wouldn't worry about it. If you were honest on the application and they still hired you then they may have an idea it won't be an issue with credentialing. I think when it comes to credentialing, the issues usually lie with whether there was action taken against your license. Some states may ask about write-ups but if it didn't lead to licensure actions I don't think it matters. Have you applied for licensing or looked into what the app asks in your state? That may give you a better idea to whether it will be an issue or not.


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Relax. Short of being directly causing someone's death, being involved in current lawsuit or having something on your RN license, whatever you did as RN doesn't matter for your NP credentialing.

Next time, you can safely omit that write-up, whatever application says. It is now your past life.

I was terminated in one place with following grand scandal and forced to resign in another as a nurse. As an NP I was painlessly credentialed in both.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. That is good to know. Best of luck to you in life and helping others.