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Crazy April! ( the month that is)

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i work in two facilities. both have been crazy! last night i walked into 6 labor patients ( not literally) and the night rapidly turned to crap along with a mom who dropped a baby on the floor, bagging a kid, preterm labor and a fetal demise...there was so much going on that i went in at 6 pm and didn't get home until 8 the next morning...same was true for the other place. we just had a full moon, but beyond that, this seems to be going on everywhere around here. how about all of you? how is your april labor load going? just curious!


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not a heavy load , per se but weird stuff. or things going bad...

A HELLP patient we had to induce whose baby had died (35 weeker)---direct admit from the office whom we had no idea was so bad-off....it was sad,of course.

lots of csections for stuff like distress and malpresentations...more than the usual

just plain strange people coming....yea full moon does bring out some real "treats"---esp family members from H*ll....weird stuff.

,,,, not in L&D,,,, but have had a terrible,,,, April so far,,,, In geratrics,,, we've had more incidents,,, attitudes,,,,

If this was a full moon effect,,,, it's pull was closer than ever,,,, & needs to let up,,,,,, Everytime the phone rings,,, I say a prayer! Nik~

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We have and have had scads of people due....All arriving at the same time. Other night 6 in labor with a fetal demise and in the middle of all that, others coming in in labor, a rapid delivery, a 35 weeker with ruptured membranes, a 33 weeker with ruptured membranes sent out, and then I have the bright idea of helping out another nurse and answer her light ( my two patients were fully with epidurals on board and no urge to push), and the mother in the room I answered, had dropped the baby face first on the hardwood floor....Next two nights just as busy....In both facilities I work, the load of people due is amazing...


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OMG, what happened to the baby?? I'm sorry your nights went so bad. Hopefully it'll pass before you have to go back to work! ;>)

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