CPR training for teachers and staff

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The nurse before me was a certified CPR instructor, and provided the instruction to our teachers. I am not certified. The coaches in our district are required to be CPR certified. I am working on getting some instructors here, from our local Hospice, yet the plans keep falling through. Do you any of you provide this service? Who do you use?

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Staff from our local Fire Dept provide this service for us. The only glitch is when they have to leave on a call during the class. I would say that has happened once or twice in ten years.

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Never thought about the local fire department. I'll look into that! Thanks!

We use the local fire dept. also and we have a few parents that are certified that have volunteered in the past.

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i instruct my staff - got certified as an AHA instructor 4 or 5 years ago.

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