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here's a dumb question. Does an LPN in NY have to be CPR certified? I was a nurse in a hospital til about 4 months ago, when I took a private duty case. My certification has now lapsed. Am I required to keep it up to date? I don't really see the need for it in my current job, and if I return to the hospital, I can take the class then.


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As a CPR Instructor myself, I can tell you that most jobs in healthcare require you to be trained in CPR. The Healthcare Provider Course through American Heart Association is an 8 HR. class, but EVERYTHING is covered, and you don't have to renew for 2 more yrs. Hope this helps, Warrior Woman.:)

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But then,, if your private duty patient is infirmed enought to NEED a private duty nurse, shouldnt that private duty nurse have CPR certification if it is needed? If nothing else but to keep yourself covered under the good semaritan laws. There are no age requirements on someone who may need CPR.


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Do you have to send a copy of your CPR card with your license renewal?

Licensing boards generally aren't the ones requiring CPR certification. Employers are.

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