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Hi all!

I'm preparing to write my CPNRE in about 3 weeks! I could use all the study tips/suggestions you have to help! I've purchased the CPNRE Prep Guide, the predictor test, a CPNRE Study Guide and Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Practical Nursing for the NECLEX-PN Examination. Any sites you could suggest, or just simply study tips?!

MUCH appreciated!!



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Also, if you have already written the CPNRE and have used these resources, did they help!?

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I wrote the exam in October of 2017 and passed it. my best advice would be to study study study, what I used was the "Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN Examination 6th ed" and it helped so much, the only thing is you really have to be careful with the lab values because it does use american ones. I read the whole book and it really helped with the knowledge aspect, I also did the questions at the end of each chapter, I just didn't do the comprehensive exam at the end of the book. After doing that I then went through both the 4th and 5th ed of the CPNRE prep guide, which was very helpful as the well, the rationales were very detailed and explained everything. I did buy the predictor test and honestly I thought that it was a waste of money because its very discouraging and in my opinion is much harder than the actual cpnre exam. now for actually writing the exam, depending on when you do have it, make sure you eat breakfast, relax your mind the day before, DO NOT CRAM. make sure you use ADPIE, ABC'S and maslow hierarchy of needs and I guarantee you will pass. Throughout the 3 weeks, try to study as much as you can, but just do not over work your brain, if you could go through some of the things that you learned in school, that will help you out as well. I don't want to tell you if the exam was easy or hard because I don't think that will be of much help. but you made it this far, you got through nursing school. good luck


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Thank you so much!!!


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no problem, good luck with everything :)


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Hi there! I took the predictor test and it didnt go so well....so you did find that compared to the actual exam it was much harder? I even rescheduled my exam out of so much anxiety!


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Hey guys!

So i'm writing my exam for the first attempt at the end of June. I am taking a prep course offered through bay college, link: NCLEX-RN nursing NCLEX-PN RN PN rn pn CPNRE – NCLEX – RN exam prep course | CPNRE RPN/LPN PN exam prep course | PSW course | PSW Bridging course but I still feel as if i'm having learning gaps. Tbh I feel the course was a waste of money. I am also using the CPNRE prep guide online version. Has anyone taken this course in toronto? or other courses or tutors? and what other study methods?

I recently purchased this from amazon which i've also heard works great: Saunders Q and A Review Cards for the NCLEX-PN Examination: Linda Anne Silvestri PhD RN, Angela Silvestri MSN RN: 978

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