CPNE - Frightened!


I finished all of the nursing classes for Excelsior & just have the CPNE (& the online computer class) - I am scared to death. Can anyone tell me their experiences with this weekend long exam? Also my experience as an LPN is dr's office & homecare. I'm so scared I haven't begun to prepare yet & have even considered going to a community college after all - boy that would be a shame after taking all of those exams - I'm looking for encouragement & pointers! Thanks! L


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It is like anything else. You have to prepare for it. The best thing you can do is to attend a workshop at the beginning of your preparation or at least get the CDs from Rob to look at or look at Vanessa's videos on YouTube to get an idea of what to expect, then prepare. Then you go and do your best. If your best results in passing, great for you. If your best just isn't good enough, that is unfortunate, you will have to chock it up to "life experience" and move on to another program. No sense making yourself sick worrying about it though, just prepare your little heart out. You will have a better chance at success if you work hard at it.



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hi Lisa, if you haven't already you should print out the study guide and begin looking on the EPN site and read the cpne posts and journal. you can also schedule an advisory phone call and for 30 minutes you can ask them questions regarding the CPNE. i would advise you to get the skills bag or if your able, get some iv supplies from work and set up a lab at home. put your study guide in a 3 ring binder and invest in some hi-lighters :) when do you plan to apply for the CPNE? I passed mine in Milwaukee in May 2010 and i have 2 non- nursing exams which are scheduled for this month and then i will begin preparing for the NCLEX.

and why would you go to a community college for 2 years when your only a weekend and computer class away from being a graduate nurse?!?

don't let other peoples negativity get in the way of what you have to do!!!



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Powerful words "scares me to death" please change your words, I believe in you. You passed all theory exams, this is evident that you are able to pass the CPNE. I haven't gotten to CPNE, but I will be taking it within the next three months. You can do it! Try to attend a workshop, maybe this will relieve some of your anxiety. PM me and I will send you information that I have. You have come thus far and look at it as you're not going to allow anything to keep you from being an RN.



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You seem concerned about your up coming CPNE? sorry couldn't help myself.

I will re enforce all the information posted already.

1. Download or print out the CPNE study guide, you can scroll down to the bottom of your EC page, that and EC will send you a copy.

2. Read the study guide front to back.

3. Sign up for a decent workshop, I used Sheri's, and attend it about a month or so before your test date.

4. Sign up for an online workshop, at the very least get Rob's DVD. I did both.

5. Set up a lab in your home to practice your lab skills, and practice. Use your IV line to practice IV push and get your timing good, when you do your labs at the test center you'll have more resistance from the test equipment and your push time will work out great.

6. Learn a grid and practice, practice, practice. Your grid will aid you remembering the critical elements.

7. Have everything you a planning on taking to the CPNE laid out, in sight a couple of days before you plan on leaving, make sure your whites are pressed and clean, you have the study material you plan on taking, cell etc.

8. Get a quiet room! so you can review you notes etc.

9. Day one, labs, wear business casual, I don't think a football jersey falls in this category, one guy did and fail at least one lab and one PCS, and I am not sure he passed his CPNE.

10. Don't compete against the examiners, us discretion on your uniform and makeup choices if you use it.

11. Ask questions, if you don't know how to use a piece equipment, ask. If you have a question about the PCS ask, the CE might not answer, but if you won't know if you don't.

12. If something happens, don't over react, accept it and keep going, the CEs know and you will noticed as to having good possibilities as a nurse.

13. Relax and have fun, kind of hard to think about right now, but if you are relaxed and enjoying your self you tend to be more confident and the CEs and patients.

14. Nothing really I just didn't want to stop on 13.

I hope this helps,

and good luck




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Steve's post is exactly what I would suggest. Please continue on and try out the CPNE before going to another program. If you put your time in, it will show at the CPNE. You can do this!