Hello all,

Hope someone can help me out.... Im getting ready to apply for EC and hope to get the ball rolling soon. I try to get on the EC site and find out the closest location to me for the CPNE but everytime I click on the "nearest location" link it pops up that there is an error and will not let me proced!!! i live in Huntington WV and am hoping someone can help me out! im very curious as to how far im going to have to travel!! Thanks for your help!!!



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Try navigating around the site to find the info. That site can be rather cumbersome at times. There are several sites in NY that are probably the closest to you. Maybe the ones in Atlanta GA. The sites in PA quit doing it, so that is out of the picture. You should be able to find a list of the sites somewhere on that site, just be persistent.

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Mansfield, Ohio will probably be closest -- probably a couple hundred miles from you.

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npac performance examination test site locations:

  • cpne (clinical performance in nursing examination)
    • albany medical center, albany, ny
    • faxton-st. lukes healthcare, new hartford (utica), ny
    • new york hospital queens, flushing, ny
    • st. joseph's hospital health center, syracuse, ny
    • st. peter's hospital, albany, ny
    • saratoga hospital, saratoga springs, ny

    • mpac test site locations for the clinical performance in nursing examination:
      • medcentral health system, mansfield, oh map
      • covenent womens and childrens hospital (lakeside campus), lubbock, tx map (pdf)
      • meriter hospital, madison, wi map
      • st. mary's hospital and medical center, madison, wi map
      • wheaton franciscan healthcare - all saints, inc, racine, wi map
      • wheaton franciscan healthcare - st. joseph, milwaukee, wi map

      • spac performance examination test site locations:
        • cpne (clinical performance in nursing examination)
          • gwinnett medical center, lawrenceville, ga
          • southern regional medical center, riverdale, ga
          • grady memorial hospital, atlanta, ga
          • memorial health, savannah, ga



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YAYYYY!!! Thank you all so very much!!! i know its a tad soon to be looking that far in advance but I like to know whats ahead of me!! Thanks again for helping!!!!


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Hi PsychNurse!

I am right there with you. I am about to enroll in EC and find out which Gen Ed classes i DON"T have to take LOL and go from there. Have you completed your application yet ? I was just wondering where you are in the process. I am a 10 year Paramedic from the Memphis,TN area going for my ASN then BSN ( don't want to put too much on my plate too soon) I have 2 years experience working in an ER in addition to the 10 years working 911. Have you chosen to bypass the study guide companies such as RUE and go direct with ES ? I am certain that is what i'm doing and so so so glad I read and did my research on that prior to signing a contract. I will purchase my study materials and workbooks via EBAY or friends that have gone thru RUE recently. I will however invest in practice exams as I found they are so valuable when I was in Paramedic school. They may or may not have had a direct outcome but I know I felt alot more confident and I passed everything the first time around. I don't think I could have went thru " testing day" again if I had not. I would LOVE to afford to take the CPNE early on just to see where I stand on my skills and education from the beginning and learn my weak spots quick but I don't think you can challenge it. I will do good to KLEP out of some classes if allowable. Hope to make alot of friends on here and hopefully study buddies