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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here knows the requiremnents to take the CPN exam? I have worked in peds for a little over a year but have never worked in a hospital. I have done homecare, camp nursing, PPEC and a pediatric LTC...not sure if any of this counts?

Thanks in advance!

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It depends on the company that is issuing the certification. I have mine through ANCC. It requires a BSN, so many hours working in the area and so many hours of education. On original application you always have to take the certification test. It usually costs around 400.00 and renews every 5 years.

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"CPN" is a registered trademark of PNCB.


They were the first entity to offer Peds nurse certification and up until a few years ago were the only source, I've been certified with them for 10 years. They do not require a BSN. Their test is tough but their certification is very well recognized and highly regarded. As an added bonus the test is computerized. http://www.pncb.org/ptistore/control/exams/pn/elig

The pediatric nurse certification from ANCC also does not require a BSN and has a lower hours of practice requirement than PNBC.


The potentially huge downside to the ANCC exam is that it's a paper & pencil exam.

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