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COVID vaccine may help long-haulers


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This article offers some hope for long-haulers. 


One of the largest paitent communities, Survivor Corps, which has a public facebook group with 159,000 members, recently took a poll to see whether there was any substance to rumors that these patients were feeling better after being vaccinated.

"Out of 400 people, 36% showed an improvement in symptoms, anywhere between a mild improvement to complete resolution of symptoms," said Diana Berrent, a long-haul COVID-19 patient who founded the group. Survivor Corps has become active in patient advocacy and is a resource for researchers studying the new condition.

I realize this is anecdotal , but studies are under way. Also in the article, some COVID recoverers , 3-5%, experience a worsening of symptoms. 

Good article. It looks like the beginning of some much needed data, pertaining to the "long-term" effects of the virus and treatment. 


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A rare sign of hope.