COVID Vaccine as a marketing tool.


So, I can't post it without it giving away my location but I had to share my disgust. I came across an advertisement for a SNF in my area, trying to attract new admissions to their facility. In the ad they write, "Come join our facility and enjoy priority access to the Covid vaccine!" The ad goes on to talk about how they can't wait to return to "normal" and that now is the time to move in. I just find that using a vaccine, in a pandemic, to try to gain more butts in the beds to be very tacky and a pretty low marketing strategy. 

How are nursing homes a legitimate business again? How did we ever allow that to happen? I don't even know the reputation of this facility, they may actually be excellent, but reading that ad really was a turn off.

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Wow. That’s unreal. What a way to attract residents to a nursing home! The management must be falling all over themselves congratulating each other  for coming up with such a novel “perk”. Sheesh!