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COVID 19 Pay rates

by guest416560 guest416560 (Member)

I've been contacted by few recruiters seeking assistance with taking care of COVID patients. The lowest hourly rate was $109 in New Orleans and the highest was $175 an hour in New York City. I have friends who are RNS there and they tell me the work load is manageable. The agencies I spoke with vary on how they treat you.

The New Orleans facility puts you in a hotel and give you $76 per day per diem. Your plane flight is paid but you provide daily transportation. You rewash your personal PPD daily. 14 day minimum stay.

New York City pays for your plane ride, your transportation from the airport to the hotel, your daily transportation to work and back, PPE and all meals are paid. I think they have good PPE at the NY facility. 30 day minimum stay.

Has anybody gone to these job sites yet? I may go to NYC as I have friends there already there on contract.

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So far everything seen in Michigan only wants RNs. Kick me their info though because of my clinic starts firing with our low census, I’ll be looking into that!

I’m also interested in who is looking for NPs - I’m critical care/intubate/place central lines... worries about getting furloughed...


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What company has 14 days?