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COVID-19: Passed the NCLEX but the Board of Nursing has not issued my license number!


I am really frustrated and at a loss here. I passed the NCLEX in Maryland on 3/1/20 and my license number was never issued. I called many times and was told they were behind. I have a job lined up and my employer has contacted them too.

The MBON has recently closed to the public and only accepts emails now, so I have been emailing them as well but to no avail. I need to start working as soon as possible and I am so frustrated that I cannot work as a nurse! Does anyone have any suggestions?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education. Has 16 years experience.

Most likely, these places are working with reduced staff. My sister works in a government job and to reduce the number of people in the same room, they are all working 2 on and 2 off. Unfortunately, this is not going to help clear the backlog. While it is frustrating to not be able to start a job, things will eventually settle. It could be worse- there are states that are known to take up to 6 weeks normally.