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Covid LTC question

by guest1055037 guest1055037 (Member)

I am a ltc alzheimers nurse, 48 residents, 12hr day shift. Husband has severe respiratory issues. Got call that presumed positive covid and that they dont feel it's safe for me to ge there because of hubby and that I should resign? I asked about PPE and told they didn't have any

I'm not following your post. Please clarify the subject of your sentences. Who called you about presumed covid+? Who is presumed + (you? a patient? a colleague?)? Who is saying they don't feel it is safe for you to be at work?

Sorry...a member of management called and said employee +....DON said not safe

So the DON has asked you to resign? If you resign, would you have any guarantee of being rehired when the circumstances change? If you resign, rather than being laid off, would you have access to unemployment compensation?

Are there alternatives, such as being furloughed, that might allow you to collect unemployment now and get your job back later?

What are they doing about PPE? I realize there is a national shortage, but nursing homes have been the hardest hit, with COVID sweeping through them and decimating the population of frail elders.

Aside from protecting your husband, what is being done to protect the 48 residents in your facility? Do their families know there is no PPE and a presumed + case there? While, I appreciate that your focus is on your husband (appropriately so), I'm more than a little concerned that the DON is urging you to resign, but there doesn't seem to be a plan for the residents' safety. Even wearing surgical masks or cloth masks could help decrease the potential spread. Is there really NO PPE at all?