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COVID-19: Creepy or No?


I work in facility employed as dietary aide to give their meal tray to pts to different units for few years. I don’t know see the internal medicine physician often but whenever I do he is quiet, collective and calm. He does his job, good bedside manners, especially when talking to family members and pt.

He does not know me, we don’t say anything to each other. I guess he only knows me by face.

I am a nurse as well so I understand how it is like working in healthcare, especially at a time like this. Nurses and physicians are going to “suspected” covid rooms with a faceshield attached to surgical mask. It’s crazy.

We have this virtual thank you system where a staff can say thank you through email, unfortunately I can’t send email as anonymous. My question is, would it be creepy if I send an email to the physician (as well others nurses/pt/ot/sw/rt once I figure their names)? I don’t be seen as a creep and making people think why is this random staff saying thank you, how does he even know my name? etc.

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Not creepy at all. Best to thank them as a group if you’re worried.


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If you are not usually talking with someone, it doesn't mean that someone is not aware of your existence. It is perfectly OK to just say "thank you" directly to the person who deserves it.