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I need some input. I am a third semester student. Only need five weeks of Psych rotation. They are cancelled!! I understand why but if we were NURSES, would we still proceed in the line of duty?? How are we supposed to move forward. What will BON do here in Ohio? Anyone please>

weekend clinicals 45 hours worth btw

If you already were an RN, you would be paid for putting yourself out there. Colleges have difficulties with hospital policies, insurance and personal liabilities. My clinicals are canceled until further notice. In California there are suggestions like

a) counting volunteer hours in acute care as clinical hours of they could be verified as meeting the objectives of the clinical curriculum

b) acknowledging up to 50% of clinical hours being simulations which would include online simulations (previously only 25% of hours could be simulations).

c) returning to clinical’s for limited hours (night shifts) and only in low risk departments

d) offering clinicals in July and August before the next semester starts

The governor is supposed to speak about these suggestions today.

I feel your pain. I am 32weeks pregnant with a due date in late May. I planned to be off after delivering my baby and I might have to go back to school to get my clinical hours right after birth. We are all in this together 🙂

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COVID 19 is unprecedented and people are dying. Hospitals have rightly stopped nursing student clinicals. I know that stinks, but hospitals do not need the added stress at this time. Students are extra exposure risks, students are learning and staff may already be overwhelmed, and students would be using already sparse PPE.

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hi there, welcome to allnurses. I have a sibling that is in nursing school and had the last few weeks of her senior practicum cancelled. It was pretty devastating for her. Because this is such an unprecedented event, there's really no history to guide nursing schools and boards of nursing. I would just do my best to hang out and realize that you may not have answers for several weeks or even a month or two. Best of luck to you.

as an aside- are you an RN or a nursing student? it is against terms of service to use titles that you don't have yet and you should change it if so. But once you pass NCLEX, change it right back!

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Ahh I changed it. Good looking out. I am in third semester and yes, I am still doing lectures but no clinicals. As I am watching supplies run out where I do work as an NA, I see that students are at this time not a priority in the hospital. All good answers from you all.