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Any advice, examples on how to compose a cover letter to my CV while I'm in monitoring?

thank you

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I never even mentioned monitoring until I got to the interview stage. Unusually at the point when I was asked if I had any further questions, I would be “well, there is one thing......” My reasoning was that I feel that in a job interview, I am interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me. I have to ask myself the question ‘do I want to work here?’
Up until I had to deal with IPN, I had honestly never interviewed for a job that I was not hired for. Once I had to drag the the ball-and-chain of a contract around, a lot changed. It took me a long time to get past the feeling that I should have to crucify myself on the carpet in front of nurse managers, begging for jobs like I was damaged goods.

I opted to not address the issue on the application or cover letter because invariably whoever screens apps in HR very likely isn’t a nurse or has no idea what a monitoring program is or has no idea that a specific nursing position may or may not be able to accommodate restrictions or if a particular nurse manager is or is not willing to accommodate those restrictions.

Of course, I suppose there is irony in the fact that the way I got my current job (gotten towards the end of the contract, still here, just promoted and happy as a clam) by calling up a nurse recruiter randomly and asking “so what’s y’all’s opinion on nurses in monitoring?” I did not expect to get the response I did, I was actually just trying to make a point with someone but well, I had to admit that Defeat in that argument.

My opinion in this question though still stands. Tell as few people as little as possible. It’s your private business and the details should be on a need to know basis. Unless absolutely required, I don’t consider HR a need-to-know where it comes to the dirty details.


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I just had an interview last week. I did not mention it until I was sure she liked me and told me she would be passing along my app (info) to the HR director.

I told her about the monitoring contract and my length of sobriety. She thanked me for my honesty and she stated everyone deserves a second chance. I also let her read the contract agreement and I have very few restrictions, so that helped.

I have not heard anything back yet, but I am hopeful.

Good luck!