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I've worked in a county behavioral health facility for just about 3yrs now. I recently found out that plans have been put into motion to close us down and become more community based. Apart from the very difficult bxs and how they will place so many pts in the community safely, I have come here for support. I love psych nursing at the county level. For many, we are the last stop so we see some pretty dangerous bxs. I love the fact that no two days are ever alike, the rush of the occasional all out battle, the staff (who are truly the only ones who 'get it'), and being able to connect and make a difference.

Nursing jobs are limited here in WI and I'm feeling my 43yrs. I'm wary of having to do the whole job search thing again. I'm sad that my working family will be torn apart. Any pearls of wisdom out there?

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This seems short-sighted at best. Some patients are not "community-based" material and will endanger themselves or others without close supervision.

Where in WI are you?

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This may be a good time to check out agency/registry and/or travel nursing. Opportunities exist in psych for both.

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The number of inpatient beds have been decreasing for decades. Medication efficacy is part of it, changes in treatment philosophies, and budget crunches count for the rest. Sometimes community services pick up the slack, sometimes not

I did psychiatric home care for a long time. It was a nice alternative to working inpatient

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I work in Milwaukee County. I'm raising a family here so no travel though I have thought about a long drive with 12hr shifts a few days in a row and subletting a place in the Madison area. I troll the ads daily and worry because a number of my pts are not community worthy and need the structure and secure type facility to keep others safe. It's difficult to see morale so low and everything kind of getting lost in the big picture.

I have decided to hang in there for as long as I can, continue on with school, and keep trolling. I love psych nursing but I know I have to be open to whatever path God puts me on. I'm still sad though :(

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Well, fast forward a few months and I am happy to shout that I was able to move on and landed a job recently on an acute psych unit! This is my first experience in acute and am learning so much everyday. My coworkers are very helpful and knowledgeable. I'm feeling truly blessed to have a job that keeps me in the behavioral health field!