Could being a CNA/MA be too much for me?

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I recently had surgery done on both knees (back in April) and now I'm wondering if either of these jobs would be too much work for my knees? At some of the smaller medical offices I really don't see the medical assistants doing very much, but I'm sure at larger hospitals they're always on their feet. I just want some advice before I get into a program. :)

Well I would probably seek the advice of your doctor, being a MA or a CNA is a lot of work and even if they don't seem like they are doing much they are on their feet a lot, so ask your doctor if it is resonable. If you do pursue it maybe try looking for jobs that give you obertunities for sitting. I have seen a lot of Hospice CNAs come to the facility where I work and they do a lot of sitting one on one with their patient like giving them manicures and pedicures, messages, or reading to them.

Well I would probably seek the advice of your doctor

I'll be seeing him in the beginning of August so I can ask him then. Thank you for the comment!

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CMA's mostly work in Doctor's offices, and they're usually on their feet all day taking vitals and charting. It's a lot of physical work, but it's nothing compared to working as a CNA in a nursing home, hospital, or even in s person's home doing total care. I don't know about your current situation, but I would really recommend not becoming a CNA if you have bad knees, lifting people is required, and if you don't bend with your knees, you're bending with your back. Bend at your back for a whole shift and you'll be out of commission for the rest of the week. Speak with your doctor about it. If all else fails you could consider medical coding. I know a few medical coders who work for doctors and nurse practitioners. All it is is deciphering a orders and typing them out.

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If you are asking about what I call "lay out" jobs as a CNA, sorry. Most clinic jobs are rare and are refered to by a "friend of a friend". Even jobs like restorative are very cliquish and these are rarely hired off the street.

That said, you MAY be able to find jobs sitting with either an agency or through a facility itself (if lucky). My personal opinion, though is that sitting jobs is one of the worst in CNA. It is great if you have someone that just lays there. But, a good percentage of the time, I found myself closed up in a 8 by 8 room with a crazed confused person who wanted to rip off clothes, catheter, and all to walk out the facility and down the highway with a pool of blood trickling out the pee hole. What is worse is many nurses will not medicate that person or initiate procedures to restrain that person. That's YOUR job :)

edit: Forgot..MA... durn allnurses and thier lumping of job titles :)

MA, in theory is a bit better. But that depends on area. In my area MA is a rip-off program because everyone uses LPNs for that because of the job market. Existing positions for MAs is fought over becuase few leave. From other posters in other areas, though, I hear it is a bit better. It makes me want to move :)

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