Cost of Living Loans?


I know this has already been asked a million times before, but I feel my situation is a little different. I am going to Community College to get my ADN since I already have a BS. Goal it to go to MSN program in the future. My college tuition will be paid for by my family. However I do have a mortgage and other bills. What is the best way to go about paying for these expenses since I will only be able to minimally work. I considered taking out a student loan but I am not really sure how that process works and how I get the money.

Thanks for any info !!


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Private & federal loans? Private loans will give you 100% of the schools cost of attendance, and money leftover after tuition is paid is paid to you.

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Thank family for their help.

Sell house, minimize all debt, live cheap, finish school, get nursing license/job, resume living the good life with reasonable loan repayment plan. Consider advanced degree.

Thank family for their help.


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Just personally I would try to avoid doing that if at all possible. Perhaps put off applying for a semester or two in order to get your finances ready. I'm not sure what is available in your area but some ADN programs are pretty doable with a regular job. The program I am applying to is evening/weekend only. Especially since you have a mortgage, what if your student loan money is delayed because of some kind of error? Then you may miss a mortgage payment. I know a lot of people do take out more student loans than they need and then use them for living expenses... I could see maybe doing it to cover a little bit if you need to reduce your hours at work, but I wouldn't rely on that for all or even most of your expenses.


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I'm looking for the same with that question I'm in my LPN program I have thankfully paid school off starting fundamentals and thankfully have saved enough to not worry about rent until after summer but will need to quit my job to finish nursing school on time and need help with rent for 4 months [emoji21][emoji21][emoji21]🙄🙁 anyone else with more info I'm here to listen also.


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Hi CTurner, I'm also in the Raleigh area! I agree with another poster if you can sell your house and minimize all debt that would be ideal. When admitted to my program I will be leaving my full time job, pulling out my retirement and livig off of that and Working part time to make some money. If it was just me I would minimize everything and stay with family but because I am married with a 7yr old it is not ideal for us to sell our house. Don't know what your situation is exactly but if it is just you, I would downsize completely for the next 2 years.