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Anyone applied for the Spring 2011 starting class at COS-Visalia Nursing Program?

I applied and waiting, just wanted to see if there were any other people who applied here.


I haven't applied to the nursing program, but I did apply to COS about a week ago so that I can start my pre-requisites as soon as possible.

Have you gone to COS before? If so do you like it?

I moved to the Central Valley a month ago and I have a Bachelor's in Communications and want to switch a career that is more in demand. Especially since my husband is in the military and I will be moving around every 4 years or so.

I can't seem to find an Accelerated BSN program near Hanford/Visalia so I decided to just get my ADN first.

I'm so confused on what to do since I'm new to the area!


hello, I have applied as well and waiting. do you know how many applicants apply each semester?


I have also applied to COS. The nursing dept. told me that they had 300 applicants for 70 seats. The letters will come mid-November, but before Nov.15. Waiting.....ugh!:clown:

Wow! Thanks for the info. Do you know anything else regarding the selection process?

Yes, I do. I went to the informational meeting on Oct. 22. They use your three science class gpa. They said that if you have a 4.0 you are most definately in. 3.2 and above most likely, 3.0 and above possibly and below 3.0 unlikely. The TEAS test is simply a must get over 67% and the score does not play into the calculations. If they get down to the last seat available and there are more students with the same gpa then there are sites, the school uses a computerized lottery selection program, I think she said through excel. So, five more weeks maximum until we hear the word. Ugh!:clown:

Ahh okay. Thanks so much for your help. Good luck :)

Good luck to you too!!!:clown:

I hope to see you in January.

Hey goneri...what did you get in the 3 sciences class?

I have some friends who are in the nursing program right now and also my girlfriend got hers in the end of October when she applied.

The earlier the better.

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