Traveling Corrections?

  1. I'd swear posted this question before but I came back to look and it's not here so.....Here goes......I've been working corrections for over 15 years( agency) and due to the privatization of the prisons in this area I'm short work. I'd love to take a travel position in corrections but have been unable to find a travel company that travels corrections......Does any one out there know of or work for a travel company that uses correctional nurses?
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  3. by   sjoe
    Well, you did post this question on the travel nursing AND agency nursing forums, but

    I, too, remember someone else dealt with it and received a number of responses (but I can't find it either). So I don't think we are BOTH hallucinating the same thing.

    It has been my experience that due to the varying "security" requirements of different jails and prisons, there is very little travel nursing done in this field.

    However, someone else reported working as a traveling corrections nurse and mentioned the name of an agency, I believe. If I run into it, I'll pass it along.

    Meanwhile, you might want to PM graybar hilton. It may be that if you work for one of the large private companies, like Wackenhut, you could travel around to their various facilities, I don't know, but he might.
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  4. by   sa48sh
    Thanks for the info. I will pm graybar(?).Meanwhile, I'll keep looking for an agency travel deal. Sure would like to stay in decent place instead of my car>LOL
  5. by   wtxcchp
    A coworker of mine recently went to the NCCHC conference in Nashville. She brought back a flyer from a company called MHM Solutions, Inc. We have not done business with them, so I cannot tell you much more.

    The flyer says they provide "Extended Assignment Staffing" for correctional facilities. Here is the contact info if you are interested:

    8605 Westwood Center Rive, Suite 400
    Vienna, VA 22182

  6. by   renerian
    I put out feelers but so far no one says they do correctional nursing traveling.

  7. by   sa48sh
    Thanks so much Cristi and Renerian. it's the first break I've had in 2 years of looking. !! I'm so happy!!:roll :roll
  8. by   graybar hilton
    I work for a company that has nearly all the county jails in Fla, or so I hear. I am in IL and work for the prison system. I am a traveling nurse for them. I have then Central Region and where ever there is a staffing shortage I go. I do everything from staff nurse to D.O.N. I will check back in here for your answer and then we will exchange email addresses or something. I bet you will recognize the name when you hear it.
  9. by   graybar hilton
    I'm a girl.........How do you pm?
  10. by   renerian
    I remember you posting this. I have the names of two recruiters who I called and said they had some traveling roles. If you want their names and numbers please pm me.

  11. by   graybar hilton
    I have an email from you renerian that you answered my post. Only I can't find it. Can you let me know how to use the system. I am pretty new. Thanks!
  12. by   renerian
    Oh do you mean you got a private message? Up at the top there is a button to click on and you should be able to open it from there. If that is not it post and I will try to help you further.

    If you are already reading posts and not on the first page go to the top and click on cp..........

  13. by   graybar hilton
    Well I went to cp and it didn't really show me anything. So now what??????? I hate to be a dummy but this is different than any other sites I have been in. HELPPPPPPPPPPPP
  14. by   renerian
    I got your private message tonight. Sorry I was so long getting back to you but I was gone all day.

    Did you get it figured out yet? You did it right!!


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