Stuck Between Two Job Offers: Maximum and Minimum Prisons

  1. Hey everyone! PLEASE HELP!

    So I am a new grad and I feel like I'm in between a rock and a hard spot. So first I got a chance to interview at a Maximum security prison that has a infirmary, dental, clinic, mental health ward/clinic, and a great hospice program. I would do my own EKGs, blood draws and occasionally med passes. I would start IVs and do drugs, so basically a little medsurg floor. They are the only one in the state that has an infirmary. And at first I really liked it because it was the first one I interviewed at.

    Then I got a second interview the day after at the Minimum security prison. I went there at the place was good too. They are the only place that houses women of all security types. It is where most intakes happen. They have a clinic, dental, and a small hospice woman's program. But there is no infirmary. It is smaller but they are expanding within 5 years to be the biggest prison in the state and the infirmary will be moved there. But for now it is small.

    So Minimum offers less money an hour, it is a 10am to 10pm shift, closer to fiance, and has their "stuff" together and only a 2000 sign on bonus. I would only get experience with clinic stuff. COs are really nice.

    So Maximum offers more money an hour, it is night shift - so the clinic is closed, farther away (I would be moving closer), 10,000 sign on bonus but have to be there 3 years or 5,000 for 2 years (it is in the middle of nowhere so it's hard to keep people there), would learn more in the infirmary right of the bat and they are in drastic need of nurses. They people seem nice there but the COs are a little on the (large male organ head side).

    I don't know what to do. I told the minimum prison that I would love to be with them and then visited the Maximum again and they really want me. I got the offer letter from Minimum quicker and they were in touch more but I HAVE NOT signed anything yet. They maximum says that I should be getting the offer letter within a day. I don't know what to do. I'm conflicted as to go with the slower progressing place or the more learning environment place.

    **Both are with the same healthcare company.
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  4. by   Orca
    A potential ten grand sign on bonus would be hard to walk away from.
  5. by   bryanleo9
    Having worked both, go minimum and don't look back. Much better attitudes and remember half of the maximum security inmates are doing life sentences with nothing to lose.
  6. by   bryanleo9
    There is a reason some places offer high bonuses. It's a red flag. There are countless stories of nurses being assualted by maximum security high point inmates. I have seen it first hand. The minimum security inmates committed less violent crimes and are going home soon. They are so much more respectful than the maximum security inmates.
  7. by   Neats
    Coming from a prison back ground I can tell you monies are not the only thing I would be looking at. I developed a coed prison and was worried about taking care of the females. Historically females access healthcare 3 times more so when I got new female offenders I had to increase my staffing by 1/3, yes you got that right...I almost always would want to take care of male inmates in lieu of female inmates. No amount of monies could sway me.

    Even though we had a coed prison the male/female population were kept separate. (Some day I could write a book about that).
    Good luck to you.
  8. by   Orca
    Quote from bryanleo9
    Having worked both, go minimum and don't look back. Much better attitudes and remember half of the maximum security inmates are doing life sentences with nothing to lose.
    My experience has been that most lifers are a lot less trouble than the punks doing two years for breaking into a car. There are exceptions to be certain, but the lifers know that they are going to be here for a while, and this is going to be their home. The kids who know that the parole board will likely kick them out in six months or less are a lot less concerned about the havoc that they create, because they aren't going to be living in it for that long.

    Back in my correctional officer days, the calmest unit that I ever worked on was about one third guys serving life sentences. The lifers helped to keep the lid on the rambunctious kids.
  9. by   bryanleo9
    I agree the older lifers are calmer and just do their program. The 20 year olds with life sentences I use to work around were hell on wheels. Stabbing each other, killing others. Attacking staff etc. I will never work in that environment again.
  10. by   bryanleo9
    But yes the lower security ones that get slaps on the wrist from the judges can be annoyingly needed. They don't have the violence young maximum security inmates have in my experience.
  11. by   nursesunny
    You are a new grad and will learn more in the maximum security prison...Hands down...
  12. by   Nurse_Red00
    So thank you everyone for your opinions and help. UPDATE: I took the full time job at the Minimum prison. I feel like it would be a good slow introduction and offers the support I would need. HOWEVER, because they are both under the same medical company I am able to train after a short time and take up overtime shifts at the Maximum. So I will be able to have the best of both worlds. And after a year if I don't like the Minimum as much as the Maximum then I will just transfer over. Can't wait to start in a couple weeks, of course I have to pass the NCLEX next week!
  13. by   bryanleo9
  14. by   Orca
    Sounds like a good situation. Best of luck.
  15. by   riverlands
    Congratulations on your new job in Corrections!

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