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You get out of the car at the grocery store and shake yourself down for personal contraband before going in so as not to violate facility regulations. You stand at your own front door, ring the... Read More

  1. by   DawnJ
    I wear professional make up but no nail polish. But that is just a personal choice. Whatever you do, they will notice any change. I went from all black lace up gym shoes to all black velcro-close gym shoes and one of the inmates commented on it. They know what weekend I colored my hair and when I get a new scrub top.
  2. by   proudauntie415
    I just love this post. I can tell you have been there awhile as well. I was so naive when I started, I mean I'm not cold and nurse ratchet now. I remind myself I am a nurse and advocate...but will not tolerate disrespect.
  3. by   Grammaraine
    Is there a study guide and sample questions for the ACA certification test for nurses? CCN/M certification?
    If so, where can I find it?
  4. by   f1j1nurse
    This is freaking awesome!!
  5. by   ShannonMink
    You know what "prison purse" means
  6. by   nurseLit5e
    that's where we (nurses) get our laughs, the misspellings, bad grammar and just all around hilarity of the message they try to get across on the all too famous "sick call slip". I just recently read one that started out with "My butt itches" OMG, what a laugh!
  7. by   nurseLit5e
    i do wear makeup, many coworkers wear nail polish, they (we nurses) actually groom the same as any other nursing job, going by the grooming standards of your work place. you just do not want to go around looking like you want a date! in other words be yourself, just don't look like your trying to hard.
  8. by   emilyy11
    That awkward moment when someone comes to sick call because someone else put a request in for them for "my pee pee burns"

    A heavily tattooed inmate is afraid of getting their TB test done.

    The inmates with that look tough with tattoos on their face or have a violent crimes areally often the nicest.

    Inmates treat nurses better than jail COs.

    You know withdrawal protocols by heart.

    All the small cuts and wounds that turn into nasty infections and boils.

    Dental pain and possible std are the most common sick calls.

    Telling people to get something off commissary or giving them a DIY trick like butter for lip balm

    Correctional nursing is probably the only specialty that nurses can be a little rude to uncooperative inmates or curse in conversations with patients.

    Being able to draw and package dui blood with your eyes closed.

    Nothing surprises you, not even the girl who shoves a spoon in her vaginal cavity.
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  9. by   LindaMarkman
    dealing with the "catcalls" is easy Learn to laugh. In my 30 yrs of prison nursing I've been called every name in the book. My usual response became- Are you a man or a sissy as real men treat women with respect. Another response I gave was Do you want me to listen to you because when people use foul language I tune them out.
  10. by   LindaMarkman
    Another thing to remember is your uniform- keep it loose and easy to bend squat and move in. 30 yrs ago I was orienting a male nurse to confinement- he was wearing white pants that fit rather nicely When he arrived on my unit the catcalls were loud and rather lewd. He asked Do they always do that to you? I laughed and told him it wasn't me they were admiring it was him. A few of the inmates then commented loudly on specific body areas- The next day the tight white pants were replaced with much looser and darker ones.
    Remember where you are and while it's ok to look nice try to keep it simple. Another thing to remember is be honest with the inmate If you tell them you will do something either do it or go back and explain to him why you did not. If you are not going to do something tell them so. Once they see that you are straight with them you will have a lot less hassles.

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