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  1. by   sadie252
    I might seem a little harsh, but I think they have it WAY too easy. Our inmates get free cable with one TV to 2 inmates (flatscreens). They get pop, debbies, candy, free medical care, huge food portions, free gym, free college, a library, internet access, porn magazines, and the list goes on and on. Our prison has flowers and trees everywhere. We have a dog program, so there are dogs out in the yard for the inmates to play with. Our yard has multiple basketball courts. This place is more like a summer camp for children. They all think they are entitled to everything. They throw feces and urine on staff frequently. They steal from each other all the time, and groups of men will beat up an old man or a small man who can't fight back. Most of our offenders don't have life sentences since we are minimum security. These aren't people who have been locked up for many years.
  2. by   tbrd450
    Sadie, I do see your point. It must be frustrating to deal with this every day. I think you are probably right about the mob mentality. I suspect there is a lot of following and not much leading going on in prisons and jails. I also suspect many men follow out of fear of reprisal if they try to stand alone. No matter how nice things may appear there - flowers, basketball courts, TVs, etc, it is still an environment in which people's individuality and freedom doesn't exist. There is a constant threat to life and limb. Fear is a powerful motivator. I am curious though, as I don't quite have the picture, are these men masturbating inside their cells while they are alone in the cell (ad seg)? Is their exposure only when someone happens to look in on them? Or, is this a situation whereby you are walking down a hall and there standing in front of you (outside a cell) is a masturbating inmate blocking your path? If they are behind a closed door and masturbating are they just waiting for someone to happen to come along and look in on them -- I would suspect they would have to sometimes wait a long time in the ready-set-go position?? I guess it is probably some situation in which the intent is to insult/affront the staff member is the relevant aspect of this issue. It is not masturbation in and of itself that is against the law, is it?

    As the nurse or CO in the facility, however, you have the control and power. It is a huge imbalance of power (as it certainly should be). Inmates are told when to eat, sleep, urinate, defecate, shower, strip and I'm sure a whole host of other things. I mean no disrespect, but, maybe their feable attempts to control their penis and get a response out of you is really just a way to say... "hey look, I have control over this!" "I am not invisible and I have some power." I suspect the entire prison experience is probably somewhat emasculating for these young men; and the psychological transition to the environment is probably signficant. Their lives are forever changed because of the consequences of their actions. That is as it should be, but it also probably does explain some things. I'm just curious though, are inmates permitted to masturbate in a private and discreet way/manner? If so, what is "private" in a prison? What is "discreet?" Is it subjective according to the values and standards of the warden? the individual officers? the community? If a man is not trying to insult/affront anybody but gives in to an urge to masturbate (I suspect long sentence inmates must masturbate from time to time) is he subject to disciplinary action if someone just happens to witness him? I suspect for many normal, healthy men the very thought of being on some surveillance camera in some central office someplace curtails all otherwise normal masturbation activity. I just read that Paris Hilton has been refusing to eat or drink for a couple days now while in jail. Supposedly, this is because she is fearing that someone will catch her on the toilet, snap a picture with a cell phone, and then sell the picture to the tabloids or post it on the Internet. My pont though, is, nothing is private in prison. What does a man facing 30 years behind bars do in terms of engaging in just normal, healthy, discreet masturbation?
  3. by   sadie252
    Some of our prisoners who behave this way have 90 day sentences not 30 years. Our seg unit is not really the traditional seg unit. There are 2 inmates per cell. They intentionally wait until the nurse is passing meds and masturbate by the cuffport and the window. They have a shower in each room that has a small brick wall that provides some privacy if they wish to do it in private. They also put their pornography on the windows, so I have to look at it during med pass. I make them remove it, or I won't give them their meds. They flop their penises right out the cuffport when I am placing their medication in their hands. From my experience, the inmates who have been in prison the longest are the best behaved. It's the ones fresh off the street that create chaos for everyone, including the other inmates.
  4. by   sadie252
    Our inmates are free to shower when they want and have food available in the dorm all the time. They do have to go to chow at specific times (but are not required to go) and pick up meds that are dispensed by the nurse at specific times. They also can only be in the yard from 6:30am until 9pm. They have lots of freedom. This is not your typical prison where inmates are in cells. The ONLY ones in cells are the ones in seg. Most of them get 7 days in seg for fighting or getting caught with contraband. Seg is where our PC inmates go too.
  5. by   tbrd450
    I would certainly think that inmates facing 90 days would want to be on the very best behavior. Such behavior (masturbating / exposure) could result in time added, right?

    If they seem to do this with impunity, on what basis or rationale is it condoned?
  6. by   canoehead
    Hmmm, can't the nurse stay out of firing range until the inmates have pants on and show empty hands? If I come around to give meds and someone is naked (and not psychotic) I don't approach them even in the hospital.
  7. by   tbrd450
    makes sense to me. If I am envisioning this correctly, these guys are behind a big, locked door -- in "their room" so to speak. They have a nurse come by at a certain time of the day/week. They place porno on the window which is definitely disrespectful, but not really any sort of real threat to anyone. They have a window and a "cuf port" (I'm thinking a rather narrow, rectangular slot for putting one's hands through). These guys are intentionally masturbating when the nurse approaches the outside of this door structure. And, apparently, placing their penis in the cufport opening instead of, or in addition to, their hand at time of pill pick up. There are two guys in these rooms, and it sounds like when one starts doing this others follow.

    Okay, definitely disrespectful. Not cool. But, there is certainly no physical threat being posed here. In fact, the vulnerable penis in the cufport is probably the only thing at most risk of physical assault in all this.

    I would think that guys locked up for a short period of time would want to avoid extending their sentence. They must, however, be able to do this without fear of added time or whatever else could be disciplinary in nature.

    Let's be clear though, this does not warrant pepper spray. This does not warrant a stun gun. This does not warrant a bloody cell extraction. This does not warrant a beat-down off camera.

    This does warrant a disciplinary write-up, possible loss of one or more privledges and a good solid, sincere laugh from the nurse. I suspect a comment on the small size of the goods would go a long way to detering future displays. I don't really know. I kind of understand the point of view of the correctional officer who said "what do you want me to do...he is already in seg?"

    I'm still trying to understand what outlet a normal, healthy male inmate (not these guys but the normal guys) have in way of a private space/moment to engage in healthy masturbation from time to time. The small brick wall within the cell -- that would have to be a rather awkward conversation with your cellmate -- "I'm... joe,... I am gong to go take a shower now and I intend to masturbate ... please look the other way and .. um... don't misinterpret my intentions...ok?" Not to mention the rather real possibility of slipping in the shower as one loses coordination at the moment of orgasm....BAM... an unconcious, naked male inmate with a bloody scull, a dislocated shoulder, and a hand clamped on his shrinking penis -- that should make for an interesting scene when the nurse arrives!. ..

    Presumably, if they have porno, they are masturbating (normal, healthy masturbation).... One kind of goes with the other for guys -- nobody is actually "reading" those magazines. So, I have to wonder, where? when? in "private"... I guess it just doesn't quite make sense.
  8. by   tbrd450
    I've done a little research on this...and,... OMG! I believe, from what I've read, masturbation by the incarcerated is just technically illegal. There is nothing deemed, legally, private about any incarcerated facility. And, therefore, any sort of masturbation done is being done in public -- a crime.

    At least that seems to the be the case in the States I have looked in to thus far. While it appears to be technically illegal, it also appears to be ignored pretty consistently so long as nobody is offended. This is bizarre. This basically means that the standard for what is appropriate, offensive, or not, is left up to the people within the individual institutions. wow. ..

    I have to imagine that the application of the masturbation laws, by the internal masturbation police, across thousands of institutions varies widely -- what is okay for one place is not for another. What is ok for one individual inmate is offensive if done by another ... wow.

    We really do live in a backward society.

    There is new information coming out about how masturbation is actually healthy for men over a certain age. As the incarcerated, wouldn't they have the basic right to maintain their health??

    Next thing I'll find out is that they don't technically have a right to eat or drink.
  9. by   floridanurse1983
    Masterbating semen onto the nurse does not warrant pepperspray????????????? Not really harmful???????????? Have you never heard that HIV, AIDS, and other DISEASES are communicable through semen??????? If that nurse had a microscopic break in her skin and semen contaminated with HIV got in said break, she could contract HIV too. You know that deadly, incurable disease that kills thousands every year. Once again a medical issue known by HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS which obviously you're not. Please do not comment on situations you know nothing about.
  10. by   katkonk
    This is an old post, check the date on the tbrd post.

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