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Just curious of our group here what led you to corrections. It's certainly a challenging field of nursing (but aren't they all!) It seems several of the nurses I know in real life started in psych... Read More

  1. by   Pattiecake
    Quote from auntb
    [font=Comic Sans MS]......they have chosen the correctional life as their career[font=Comic Sans MS]
    I just have to comment on the "chosen career." Yesterday saw a guy in sick call c/o about having to be on BP meds. He said "I was fine before I came to prison. I'm 48 and worked like a 20 yr old doing heavy work." usually I don't comment on their outside life, but for some reason he caught my interest, and I asked him what his outside job was. he very proudly reported he was a drug smuggler and could easily cary a 100lb pack on his back over hill and dale. Hmmm, guess this is why I don't usually ask them about their outside life.
    The reason I became a correctional nurse is because it is one of the few things I had not yet done over a rather long career. A new prison was built in the area in 1994 and it intrigued me. By 1997 I applied and have been hooked ever since. Started as PRN and am now NM and I love my job. Some very hilarious stuff happens there, it's sure not all drama.:wink2:
  2. by   jailnurse1033
    I had been working in psychiatry for 5 yrs and applied for a correctional job just for per-diem. I was pretty sure I wasn't interested in this type of nursing, but the pay was good. The first week I oriented I knew I loved it. I went to corrections full time - it was a nice change of pace after 5 yrs of molly-coddling psych patients. And "NO FAMILY MEMBERS EVER!" - that just never gets old!