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  1. Hello! I'm currently awaiting to start my nursing program in January. Since back before even starting prereqs, I have known I wanted to do correctional nursing! I am trying to find out a little bit more about the shifts. Most of you correctional nurses, do you do 12-hr shifts , 8-hr shifts? Is it usually paid by hourly wage? or salary? if its hourly, are there shift differentials? If its salary, must you work overtime unpaid, etc? Also, is it very hard to get hired at a prison as a new grad? Is there anything I can do whilst in RN school to help move myself in that direction? What area of nursing could I do preceptorship in , in order to be more prepared for a correctional setting? Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Jaila
    We work 10 hr shifts. 1.50 diff for swing & 2.00 for nocs.
    I have seen new grads hired although they tend to go with experienced nurses. We are salary in that we are required to put in a certain amount of hours...but, we do get paid ot. ( kind of a strange system) Its " salary " ... Kinda / not really. The setting I am in does preceptor local nursing students. I would think all facilities could vary a lot. Best to check with your local facility. Hope this helped
  4. by   carleah
    I've been in corrections about 4years now. The first 2.5 were in state prison facilities and currently in the jail. The jail I have found to be more interesting and challenging. It's because the population changes frequently although we get many frequent fliers. I would suggest a large jail to get the right mix of experience, support,& variety of assignments.
    It's possible to go into corrections right from school, it depends on whether the facility hires new nurses. Areas to concentrate on are alcohol and drug abuse, mental health issues, std's
    Sniffing out the fakers but keeping professional, fair and firm. I find it rewarding and challenging. I would definitely recommend it and hope to stay in it until I retire! Hope that helps.
  5. by   revekah09
    How much is the starting salary for RN in the corrections? Thank you.
  6. by   DesertRN2
    Quote from revekah09
    How much is the starting salary for RN in the corrections? Thank you.
    It would depend where you are; Federal, state,or county.