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Hi, Gang: I'm collecting a compendium of Interview Questions and best answers for folks prepping for a correctional nursing job interview. Could you chime in with yours even if you might have posted... Read More

  1. by   zybard0
    They also may ask a question that test your moral/religious values. Example:
    A medication nurse is refusing to give the morning after drug to a pregnant inmate. What do you do?
    Answer: Give it yourself. This is a sneaky way of asking if you have religious views that may conflict with your job. Like if you will refuse to treat a convicted mass murderer.
    And if you have any moral/religious objections to anything then maybe you should NOT be in nursing. I have never had a job that did not conflict with my personal morals from time to time like putting a feeding tube in a brain dead 90 year old because the 75yr old daughter does not want her mom to die of natural causes.
  2. by   SobreRN
    Congratulations :-) I having been working @ a year as contract at a county jail and will soon be interviewing. Interviews are nerve-wracking for most of us I think. I am happy I have the work experience with same employers who will be interviewing and everything I have read here is great information.
    Having good professional + personal boundaries a big +; in a hospital setting I would give a symptomatic low blood sugar but that would be contraband here so I make sure I have plentiful glucose tablets on hand. 'Jail-itis' springs up a lot as a common illness, weeding thru it is an art. Treat appropriately but word would travel faster than a SoCal wildfire if one were perceived as easily snowed; one OP on this site had quite a comprehensive check-list format treating a chest-pain while having 20+ standing in line for bs checks. I am going to see if I can find that one again. I handle myself quite well under pressure and been around the block a time or two (or three) I am grateful experience but I wouldn't wish it on anyone. As for pain not much different than any other setting in that no nurse ever heard anyone say '1/10' on pain scale. Amazing any of us lived through labor, eh? Anyway these questions are really helpful!
  3. by   smllattnspn21
    Thank you everyone. These are all very good questions. I am borrowing these for my next interviewee. Ive struggled to find good job related questions to corrections. I always find the generic ones. I have been in corrections since 2006 with a 3 year break to gain my Med/Surg/OB/ICU/ER/Hospice and LTC experience. I found corrections was my calling and where I needed to be. I have worked in big jail, Little jails, Work release, ITU and Prison Systems. They are all a bit different but one thing they all have in common is inmate care. It can be a thankless job but a rewarding one as well. We have the ability to make a huge difference in some of these inmates lives through teaching and education.
  4. by   Jimchester
    How is your interview? Cuz i have mine interview on monday for clinical 2 for correctional facilty in santa ana. Any advice.
  5. by   Vicksvaporub
    1. What qualifications do you have that will make you successful in doing this job?
    2. What computer applications do you know?
    3. How did you handle a difficult situation?
    4.What do you think is the difference between an acute and intermediate care to the psychiatric program of the facility?

    These are some of the questions (not verbatim to what I was asked though- just rephrased based on my memory) that you can be asked to a dsh job.
  6. by   celiagclark
    Just received an offer at a jail here in Nashville! I'm so excited!
  7. by   jess93king
    Quote from Kora0880
    I just went throught the interview for one of the prisons in S. Cali. there were 5 questions:
    1)Describe your experience, training, skills, education in the field of nursing
    2)Case scenario: respiratory distress
    3)Case scenatio: MI
    4)Case scenario:CHF
    5)Case scenario:Abd pain unspecified

    For the most part they wanted assessment, interventions, nursing diagnosis

    The interview was scheduled at 14:00, 3 hrs later I finally got to go in and complete the nerve wracking 5 Q's which took 10min. They told me it would take 2 weeks for response, 4 days later they called me to tell me I got the job. Im happy.....Good luck to everyone
    This post helped me so much! I just got done with an interview at an N. California prison for a FT position, and the questions were similar to this along with a couple other scenarios mentioned in different posts. I want to thank all of you who have contributed to this form, I went through the interview feeling very confident because of you. They mentioned that it may take a couple weeks to hear back, I'm hoping to hear back some positive news!!
  8. by   jess93king
    A week later I got the call that I got hired, so excited! Thanks again to all of the posters here.
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    Quote from Orca
    We always ask applicants how they believe that their nursing practice might change as a result of working in a prison environment. We are looking for things such as maintaining professional distance, not offering to do favors for inmates, security concerns and so forth.

    We ask applicants to tell us something we might not know about them from reading their applications. We ask them about their best work-related trait, and a how they would deal with someone they observed working outside his/her scope of practice. We also ask them how they approach problem solving, and to give an example of how they applied this approach to a work problem.

    I don't have the interview questions in front of me, but that covers a good part of our interview.
    Would a candidate who had a family member in the prison system be disqualified or would you look at them with more interest since they have some "experience", if you want to call it that, with the prison system?
  10. by   Orca
    Quote from
    Would a candidate who had a family member in the prison system be disqualified or would you look at them with more interest since they have some "experience", if you want to call it that, with the prison system?
    In my system, that wouldn't have an effect one way or another. We ask the question at the end of each interview whether the applicant has a friend or family member incarcerated in any correctional system. The purpose of the question is not to assign the person to the facility where the inmate is incarcerated, in the event that the applicant is offered employment.

    Visiting or corresponding with an inmate is not considered experience with corrections.
  11. by   Cs10804
    Hello, what is the online exam like? How can I prepare?
  12. by   tammywo39
    I have been with corrections for about 5 months now! I have decided to apply for a lead nurse position!! Any ideas of the questions thney may aske??
  13. by   starmickey03
    I had my interview recently and I dont believe they were the same as any questions mentioned here.

    1) An inmate informs you that they fell, hit their head, and lost consciousness. What do you do?
    2) A female inmate informs you that she has been having right quadrant abdominal pain. What is your assessment?
    3) The DON informs you that you need to float your clinic LPN to another county jail but they refuse. What do you do? (This was a role play scenario)
    4) An inmate hung himself and when you arrive you find that the CO has already cut him down. They report that he is breathing and has a pulse. What is your assessment?
    5) You find out a staff member is diverting medication. They inform you that it is common practice when you confront them about it. What do you do?

    Those were the only nurse questions but others were asked about how to protect inmate privacy, how I prioritize, if I've ever had to confront a co-worker about something they did wrong and what was the outcome, why I'm interested in corrections, and why I want to leave current position.