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  1. Hello everyone...I am awaiting for finalization of my pre employment paperworks and was wondering where is the best place to buy clear bags or backpack...Also wondering what kind of books to study...I am new to corrections but have been an RN x20 background has been psych /detox x 13 years....occupational lab recovery room...peritoneal dialysis...home health...
    i will hopefully be working in a jail that has 11,000 inmates or detainees and is maximum security...( one of the largest in the US ) the neigborhood is very dangerous / home to a lot of gang bangers so i know i have to be on guard AT work and out to parking lot AND always ready to run... I will hopefully be working second shift....My boyfriend of x 15 years said " he wash his hands of me if i take this position"...he is not a nurse and just " dont get it",,,,,

    I have been reading a lot of blogs here...I hope they will not start me on a new grad pay scale as i am applying for an RN1 entry level position...
    Thanks so much for your help and support...
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  3. by   MiaTrace
    Sorry it took so long to respond. I ordered my clear bag from A couple of nurses I oriented with found theirs at Family Dollar (not sure if you have one where you live)
  4. by   Aviationurse
    Was able to get a clear bag at Victorias Secret...
  5. by   student forever
    I got one at Wally World (walmart)
  6. by   mtsteelhorse
    The NCCHC has some good references, albeit $$$. It might be worth a look. We have several of their books in our clinic. Maybe check ebay? Anyhow, good luck. I've been working detention for 8 1/2 years and it works well for me. Typically the pay is pretty good if you're working for a contract agency. Good luck to you!

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